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Stars and weight.....

Amy winehouse cannot put weight on! Yeah right!

Amy Winehouse struggles to put on weight despite junk food addiction | the Daily Mail

But she maintains a size 4/6! I bet her BMI is below 18. Kate Moss BMI is 16/17 she should not be a model and be banned from magazines as this gives the total wrong impression to men and women. It mades me so cross that even at a healthy BMI women are still considered fat due to these models and stars.
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My OH has a BMI of about 17, he's around 6ft 5/6 and cannot put weight on. Even though his normal breakfast is 4 weetabix AND 4 pieces of granary bread he just cant put on any weight.

Me on the other hand - i watch him eat and put on weight :D
Ms Winehouse presumably can't put weight on due to the allegedly huge amounts of drugs she's shoving up her nose and injecting into her veins. I hear heroin is a great appetite supressant!

If you look at photos of her from just a couple of years ago, she did have a healthy BMI then.

My OH also has a BMI of about 18 - he could eat his own bodyweight in lard, sleep all day and not put an ounce of fat on his bones - Gawd love im!

If I try to match his calorie intake, I pile the weight on at a frightening rate. Ooh - dammit - that HAS happened! Doh!

Same here Isobel! Thats my biggest problem is eatingthe same amount as him.


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I've got the same problem, DH has such a sweet tooth and loves peanut butter on toast! Oh and not to mention platefulls of pasta! I matched him and put on all that weight, he's just got a wee belly lol! Not fair is it girls, but just you watch as they get older it'll catch up on them, this is what I keep telling him, just to cut down a bit and eat in moderation, I think he's got the 'it'll never happen to me' thing goin on in his head


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My kids can eat whatever and not put on weight, but then they are both very active and can also go long stretches of time where they eat little.

If A Winehouse is keeping her weight down because she's taking drugs, then I guess she has a similar problem to many of us. Addiction, denial etc. My heart goes out to her.

As for whether she should be banned. Well, if the media/fashion industry want her, then I guess they are to blame. Not her.

Just my opinion and all that;)
Interesting... my Hubby has a BMI of 20 and always had, even when I matched his food intake and put on 9 stone! (yikees!). Maybe some men just burn fat easily... or it is to do with physical activity.


Men have a greater ratio of lean mass to fat, which means they have a higher resting metabolism - that's why they can eat more. The average man requires 200-300 more calories per day than a woman of the same weight.

If you weighed 70 kilos and your husband weighed 90 (as an example) he'd need around 800 more calories per day than you :eek:
I think it's a huge problem with stars and their weight, I was so shocked when I found out what's her face had 'piled' the weight on to become a 'massive' size 12. In the mags I buy they're on about people being too thin then say ooh look who's put weight on like posh who has put on seven pounds wow, she needs to put some on, she's fallen into the opposite trap from us. I'm sure we would all be single if men did like size 4 or 6 women, and I can see the vast majority of us have a lovely husband or partner xx

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