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Start at the very beginning.....

.......and then stop and then start and then stop......or this is how my diets tend to go, Hence the nickname 'yoyo'.

I need to start this diary just for my own sanity and to kick myself up the bum whenever i fall off the wagon (as i have done already on day 2 of my diet!!):sign0007:

Ok, So a few stats to start off with....

Age - 24
Weight - 13st 8lbs :cry:
Height - 5"4
Size - 14/16 (I'm a tweenie at the moment)
Short term goal - 12st 8lbs
Long term goal - 9st 8lbs:eek:

Right.......Here i go......:fingerscrossed:

Yoyo x
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aw, good luck on your diet. Im like you but on my last diet last month I lasted until day 3 then gave up,lol.


On A Mission!
Im taller than you and i weigh only 1lb more but im a 18/16, thats soooooo unfair lol

Good luck with the diet, its not easy to keep to the straight and narrow all the time i know, but im sure you will get there.

Good luck!
Hope - Well done, I dont think i have ever lasted 3 full days on a diet lol!!!

Lynn - I am a 14 - 16 but when i met my husband 4 years ago, I was 3 stone lighter but was still a 14 so I know im truly never going to be 'thin' I just want to be slim and not have all my lumps and bumps!!


Yesterday started good, Had sultana bran for breakfast with some fruit but then it went downhill from there, Had a sandwhich for lunch with a bag of crisps, another bag of crisps for a snack coz i was hungry. Dinner wasnt too bad, Piece of fish with a jacket potato and peas but it was the big lump of chocolate cake that i had for pudding (that wasnt even that nice!!!!!!) that completly wrecked the day!!!

I have been having a really hard time with my kids, Bedtime is a nightmare in this house and i dread it every night but hopefully tonight will be different, gonna try something new and see how that goes!!!

Started today with a slim fast and some fruit but had it at about 7am so already starting to feel peckish, Not good!!!!

Update later

Yoyo xx


On A Mission!
I know what you mean about that Yoyo. I think when i was 16 or 17 i weighed between 9.10 and 10st, and i was never smaller than a size 14, I have a big frame, so skinny size 12's will never be for me, but my mum who weighed around 11st to 12 st could get into size 12's, and my 3 sisters can when they lose weight, in fact my youngest sister is about a size 10. If you have a big frame you just have to live with it lol.
Thats so true Lynn, They say there is nothing as such as 'big boned' but there really is, I will never have a small frame on me but i will settle for slim!!!

***Diary update***

Well although i have only been 'dieting' for 3 days I have lost 2lb so im happy about that, Havnt got a clue how i lost it but i did lol!!!

Start weight - 13st 9lb
27/8 - 13st 7lb
hi all, weldone Lynn thats really good going. Unfortunately i am stuck in the biggest rut of my life it feels. in 2 years i have gone from 10 stone 4lb to 13 st 10lb. I am so depressed that its all i think about, the more i think the bigger i get. Its affecting my relationship now because i am so miserable. I am starting slimming world tomorrow but i have never stayed longer than a week at it. i prey my will power will kick in. it's the biggest i've ever been, i am 24 and a mother of a beautiful 3 year old.
aww, well done for your loss. That should be a great motivation. Stay strong. :)
Jadeandahalf, Hi, Yeah we should team up and keep each other going, I was thiking about going slimming world too!
I am in the same boat, The more i thik about my weight the more i seem to gain, I'm looking at buying an excercise bike next week so that should get me going too!!
Good luck with slimming world, Keep me posted!
I have a 3yr old daughter and a 1 yr old son, Feel like i need to lose weight to be able to play with them more!!!

Hope - Thankyou, I wasnt expecting to lose anything so was happy with the 2lb!!

Yoyo xxx
Well done on your weight loss already! The first week is really hard, and you're doing really well, once you've done a week I think the feeling if having lost weight keeps you going.

All the best Hun, look forward to seeing how you've got on next week. X
its nice to be able to speak to people that understand about it, every day at the moment is a struggle feeling so fat and depressed. its the biggest i've ever been and just getting off the chair is shocking at the effort i need to do it! i fell pregnant and miscarried at 4 months 2 months ago now, i ate like i did with my little girl, thinking i'll just deal with it later but now im stuck in a rut. My little girl has just got to the age where she's such a handful and i find myself retreating back to the sofa to gather my thoughts. i make plans over aqnd over in my head and the thought of starting a diet gets me off the sofa, but once i start the diet the little devil on my shoulder keeps telling me EAT THE CAKE, EAT IT! i have no will power. Anyway i attend my first meeting tomorrow at 9.30am so i will post my 1st day on here tomorrow. good luck guys and keep up the good work. im dreading getting on their scales tomorrow! :( xx
Healthy2010, wow what an inspiration you've done really well! what has kept you to it this time? have you any tips for me?? my boyfriend eats crap all the time and takeaways so the demon food is always around! x
Hiya, Sorry i havnt been around had SUCH a naughty weekend and im ashamed lol!!!!

I will start my diary again today as a new start and another rebound on my yoyo!!!

aww, it's good your not giving up and starting again. Good luck on your next time. :)

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