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  1. rachelh

    rachelh is loving the soup?!

    I am chuffed with myself for doing day 1 so well...though it wasn't really hard.
    Am quite down this morning...combination of things. Stepping on the scales to find I gained 2lb overnight. PLEASE DON'T LECTURE ME I KNOW I SHOULDN'T HAVE WEIGHED MYSELF!
    Didn't sleep well, was so cold last night and couldn't settle. Dreamed about refusing food. This morning I feel a little weak and sick and have shocking bad breath despite the Listerine.
    I know you have all gone through it and don't need to hear this...I am just ranting!
    Worried about how long a road this is.
    HOWEVER...I don't have to worry about that for now, all I have to think about is today. And for today, I'm on Lipotrim.

    So I am forcing myself to be cheerful.
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  3. MorbidBubblewrap

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    Lipotrim *WOOHOO*
    Hi there, I will put money on it come you're first weigh in you will be feeling fantastic, So just take it day by day... it does get much easier after the first week, So chin up and think when you have lost all the weight How fantastic you will feel ;) Big hugs for getting through day one...You star you :):)
  4. nicki26

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  5. A New Me

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    Keep your chin up & stick with it, ive found everyday can be differant on LT, you will be feeling amazingly good in just a few days x
  6. TheMilkTrayMan

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    ........and drink lots and lots of water!
  7. judyb

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    as the others have said you will feel so diffrent in a few days so just stick with it, drinking lots of water will help with headaches.
  8. rachelh

    rachelh is loving the soup?!

    I'm feeling pretty awful now! It's easy enough to say 'I'll treat myself as though I'm ill', but I feel so guilty because I haven't been able to buckle down to work at all today. Now my hubby has just phoned and he is being sent away all weekend with work at the last minute. Good because he won't have to smell my disgusting breath, but bad because I am going to be in the house all weekend. I can't go out as we've moved and I don't know anyone at all, and I have loads of things I could do to get the house and garden up to scratch...but am worrying I'm not going to have the energy.
    Haven't even done the cleaning as I normally do Friday morning, house looks a bit unkempt.
    Ok, sorry for the rant...not used to such mood swings...sure I'll be feeling more positive soon. I might go have a nap...except then I'll feel worse about all the things I haven't done today.
  9. rainbow brite

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    The first few days you should expect to have no energy and as such should not feel bad about a slightly unkept house. Once you hit ketosis you will have bags of energy and will get up to scratch on all of the household chores. Trust me on that one as I did it and normally I avoid housework like the plague...
  10. Vickie_L

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    Hey hun, you're right, we have all been through it, and we all came on here and moaned out hearts out and got picked up by everyone else on here. That's the idea of coming on here. Moan all you like! :D

    As for the 2lb - it could just be the fact you've been so good and drank lots of water. Or you're scales may not be perfect. Don't let your home scales get you down - they could even be different to your pharmacists. Wait until you get your proper weigh in and then judge it and let it effect your mood.

    Good luck hun and keep strong xx
  11. Shazpaz

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    DONT YOU GET ON THOSE SCALES AGAIN UNTIL WEIGH DAY!!!! (I'm a good one to talk....I'm a daily weigher and my mood is set depending on what I see on there!!).

    You seem to have the right attitude. You will lose this week....I PROMISE as long as you stay focused and stick to it. It also gets loads easier after a few days. Get glugging the water.
  12. rachelh

    rachelh is loving the soup?!

    lol thanks! I am starving now and my head is killing...since finishing work I've been to the shop, been for a 2 mile walk and made some ca**s (you bake them lol) for DH to keep my mind off it. It's not that I want food at all, I don't, it's just feeling grotty. I've already had half my evening shake and going to have the other half hot later. This is going to be so worth it though, and it's so good not to be thinking about onwards and downwards!
  13. BlackRose

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    Firstly -FORGET THE HOUSE!! It will be there when you're not! If you think about what you're saying its as though the housework is more important than the work you're doing on yourself right now. It isn't just in case I'm not clear. ;) Soon you'll have the energy and you deal with things then -nap when you need to, slack off when you need to and then get back to those chores when you can.

    Secondly - That's it! :D Minimins is for those rants -I'm prone to them myself. :D
  14. rachelh

    rachelh is loving the soup?!

    Thanks I needed that!
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