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Start Today and Worried !


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S: 13st7lb C: 10st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 3st0lb(22.22%)
I start LL tonight and I am quite scared, I am really up for it, but I must say that most of my weight gain has been wine in the past few years and obvioulsy I won't be drinking that on LL so hopefully I will get my 3 stone off that I need to lose to stop me looking like a weeble. One thing I did wonder was (and I know it is unlikely to happen), but what would happen if I met my goal weight in say 80 days instead of a 100 ?, sorry if that is a really stupid question, but it is something I have wondered. Well done to all of you out there, I looked at the before and after pictures and all your messages and have been totally convinced LL is the way forward for me, you are all doing so brilliantly.
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cmacca, Hi and welcome, i like you have 3/4 stone to loose and mine to is because of my red wine fettish!
i started ll 5 weeks ago and have lost two stone and dropped 2 dress sizes, my tummy is now flat instead of having a wine pouch! I thought i would really crave red wine but i have been fine! it really is a great thing to do, i now have white eyes and clear skin, you won't regret it.
i am not sure about you question regarding if you lose the weight before as i thought i would approach that subject when the time comes, good luck on your first week it really is easier after that and you do start to feel a lot better and have more energy!!


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If you reach goal before the 100 days you can go into Management then, one of the girls in my group left to go into Management last week (end of week 7). She now goes to meetings that are on a different night to the rest of us.

Re the wine - I used to drink red almost every night, haven't touched a drop in just over 7 weeks and it's really not bothered me even though hubby has still been drinking it.

It's all worth it!



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just popping in to wish you all the best for tonight :D

As katie has said, if you lose your weight before the 100 days are up, you just go into Management.. Great Positive thinking you have there girl :p

tonight you'll more than likely have your photo and measurements taken, so don't forget your lippy :p :p :D


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Good luck Cmacca...I had my first meeting today too... I came away feeling realy positive about the situation and know I can do this...just stick with it we'll make it!!!


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S: 13st7lb C: 10st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 3st0lb(22.22%)
OK, I went to my first meeting last night, I have joined a group that already have started but there are also a few new people with me, got my shakes and soups etc, guess what !!, I had the Vanilla shake for breakfast this morning and it is lovely !!, made it with more water than the 200mls (about 300mls), but it was really nice. Hope the Muchroom soup I have for lunch and the Choc shake I have for late afternoon taste as nice. I am really not looking forward to this first week though, people in my group really seemed to suffer in the first week. I will let you know how I get on.
Hi Cmacca

Well done on liking the vanilla - I couldn't stand it !!!!! Remember this is your journey and you may not have the same reaction as anyone else. Keep drinking the water and visualise yourself in a size 12 !!!

Good luck:)


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S: 13st7lb C: 10st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 3st0lb(22.22%)
Thanks SuperMum, did you by any chance go to Angel in Chesham ?, saw her last night for first time and really like her, just wondering how people that have completed the program got on
Well done on getting started cmacca --- I also couldn't stand the vanilla, that and the caramel are the only ones I can't touch.

S: 14st6lb C: 14st6lb G: 9st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi & well done on taking the plunge & getting started. Hopefully you willsail through it & beleive me the 100 days will whizz by - but in case the going gets tough come on here & we will do our best to support you.

My fave is the tai chilli & the bars, cannot stand any of the others - weird!
How you doing? Hope you're feeling ok ...come on here & chat if you're struggling.
Week one was the hardest for me but just take it a day at a time & focus on getting through each day and it makes it more managable! I am just finishing week 5 and coping with the odd day like yesterday when I'd have eaten a scabby cow but got through it thanks to lovely support I get here! Also have a good look round the site and use the games etc (see arcade on main menu) to keep bust or start a hobby. Most of all be gentle with yourself and listen to your body...you may feel quite tired....
Hi Cmacca - I don't go to Angel although I might for further managment as my LLC is leaving in June. I have met her though and she is really lovely and I think very supportive. Good luck with your first week.

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