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Started again today!! :-)

S: 16st4.5lb C: 15st12lb G: 15st4.5lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.84%)
Well I have decided to re start tomorrow, I emailed cdc and she was lovely(as I knew she would be really!)
So I am going to weigh in the morning and send her my weight, As I have 2 weeks worth of packs here to use first. Then go back to her in a week or so to pick up more supplies.

Its funny as the first few days I always feel really resentfull towards the diet, as I am not going to be eating and stuffing my face! but it only takes me 24-48 hrs before i feel back in the zone and enjoying the benifits of cd.
will come on here and post my weight in the morning, not looking forward to it, but at least its onwards and down wards from here on in!
good luck to any re starters...or new starters tomorrow

Lou XX
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Hiya Noo Noo

GO FOR IT! And remember not to resent the diet, it is choice to a more positive healthy you!

S: 16st4.5lb C: 15st12lb G: 15st4.5lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.84%)
Thanks XX

:girlpower:Thanks to all of you!!;)

I have sorted out the cupboards today, but having a hubby and 2 boys we do have treats and temptations in the house, but I know it really is a case of mind over matter. Any sweets the boys...all 3 of them......had for xmas have now been put away and if not they are out of reach...hubby is 6ft4 and I am only 5ft 2 so there are places that I can only reach with a chair...so guess where his sweets have gone....on top of our very high fridge!!!!!!lol

I needed to sort out the cupboards, as if I find something in there in the week that is yummy that I had forgotten about, its much more likely I would eat it spontaneously(sp?) than anything that I know is in the cupboard!! silly I know...but I dont like things jumping out and suprising me!!

I have also found some more pics of me when I was slimmer 18months ago, which is when I first did CD. They are nice relaxed poses and really do show me now, even if I didnt appreciate it then, that I looked so much slimmer and smaller:innocent0002:. I have now braved it and stuck them on the fridge!! :girlpower: You see I am a childminder and have parents in and out of my house and till now I have only put the pics inside my food cupboard.:rolleyes:Anyway I have all my packs and water and flavourings etc ready for tomorrow. I even went out and bought some green tea! I hate tea, but thought I would try it in the week when my usual tastes have gone to pot! Will let you know how it goes.

Good luck everyone!!! hugs Lou X
Good luck for tomorrow hun and well done for emptying out all those nasty temptations :) xx


Back On CD.......
S: 15st7lb C: 12st13lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 2st8lb(16.59%)
We can do this Lou...

Well Good Luck Chick..

Will text you in the morning after the dreaded weigh in... :scale:

S: 16st4.5lb C: 15st12lb G: 15st4.5lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.84%)
Hey babe!!!! I was just talking about you to a fellow Cd-er!!!

We hav done this before babe and we can do it again...just loads of texts and loads of water!!!

Hugs to you honey XXXX
text you in the am XXX:gen147:
S: 21st8lb C: 21st4lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.32%)
hello, good luck with your restart, im also joining you tomorrow on a re start!
Keep positive,
S: 16st4.5lb C: 15st12lb G: 15st4.5lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.84%)
well here we are...on the road to slimdom again!!

I was really hungry when I woke up this am, this does sometimes happen anyway but I usually just get on with whatever I am doing and it passes, I had a really bad nights sleep, as it was so windy here last night!! Scary!

Anyway I did the dreaded wi this am and I am ....bleugh...15st1!:eek: how awfull is that!! (remembering that I am only 5ft 2!!) so needless to say I look like a weeble!!:p

Anyway I have had a choc shake, which I made too weak, as I added too much water! But never mind...it can only be a good thing to be drinking more water! I have had about 3 pints...(of water that is and not beer:p) so far and about 4 black coffees. I am just going to try my first green tea.....mmmm, I really dont like tea, so I am hoping its not too tea-ish(if that noT A TOO STUPID THING TO SAY!!lol)
will let you know the verdict.:rolleyes:
I am contemplating whether to start a blog....debating as I dont know if my life is interesting enough for any one else to read!!LOL...will think about it more..and again let you know!

Have a good day all and well done to all starters and re starters!

Hugs Lou X
well hello there fellow slimmer :eek: hows the rugrats and school runs once more?

You sound like you are totally focused today and have done brilliantly!!

i too have had my water and half a sachet of leek and potato soup which was sooooooo yummy!! def prefer it weaker. and means i have more for later :eek:

got my friends coming round tomorrow and have asked them to eat before they come lol

will catch up with u tonight no doubt xx
S: 15st8.0lb C: 13st6.0lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 27 Loss: 2st2lb(13.76%)
Hello Everyone, Ive just started the diet today had my first chocolate shake around 9ish this morning. ill have to get used to drinking all this water though. good luck to everyone.
Hi Guys

I'm starting again today after a 3 week break over xmas - weigh in on Wednesday. Actually quite glad to start the diet again as really sick of food (ate too much over xmas :eek:).

Good luck everyone!
S: 16st4.5lb C: 15st12lb G: 15st4.5lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.84%)
Hello Jayne:wavey: and welcome to the mad world of CD!! Its a very hard diet in some ways, and yet so easy in others.It defo is a case of head over stomach to start with!! come by and say hi whenever you are about, support is crutial in this diet.

Well I have just tried Green Tea......... after 2-3 mouth fulls it went down the sink!!:sign0137: All I can say is I defo not going to be joining the Green Tea appreciation society!!

So decided to have a bullion instead!! I always get freezing when I am cd-ing so why do I always decide to do it during the coldest months of the yr!!!:doh:
Just off to read my book with a coffee and water, while little one is sleeping.
Chat later, thanks for all the support, Lou chat later honey, hope you are having a good day, think of those pounds falling off of us!! THE MORE YOU DRINK THE MORE YOU SHRINK!!:p

Lou XX
S: 15st8.0lb C: 13st6.0lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 27 Loss: 2st2lb(13.76%)
Hiya Lou thanks for the advice, ive just had my cappuccino and ive got to say i like that one better than the chocolate one i had earlier, I know what you mean about mind over stomach but im sure ill get there.

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