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Started doing red days...

Hi everyone, i'm very pleased with myself this week as after 4 weeks of mucking around (staying the same through my own fault!) I have had a perfect week, no booze or pasties! (I used to do agency work for a bakery and cornish pasties were free for all staff at breaktimes!)

Also, I have gone from being vegan for the last 2 months, so back to eating meat and dairy, it's just what I do, every so often I feel the need to kind of 'detox' from meat and dairy and then after a while I feel ready to eat it again, it's made this week much more interesting, I had my first red day yesterday and I was amazed at how much less I ate.

Normally I do green days and I am constantly hungry, eating loads of rice, pasta, potatoes and once or twice a week I make lasagne crisps. Yesterday I had a bacon sandwich (HEX B bread), some fruit, a muller light, some hot chicken from asda deli, skin taken off (ravenous after work and asda is next door to it), and then in the evening I wasn't hungry until really late so had another bacon sandwich with cheese (HEX A)! Not very healthy or balanced but it was a weird day...I am doing another red day today and having loads of veggies with my tea, and i'm not snacking or eating nearly as much as I do on green days. I have so much more variety to look forward to now I can eat eggs, milk, cheese, mullers, and meat and fish....it's given me a new burst of enthusiasm for the SW meals I can cook!

Does anyone else find they eat less on red days? Also, I had scrambled eggs on toast with smoked salmon for brekkie this morning and oh my god, how i've missed it, yum!
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Starting Again!
Personally I don't get on with Red days as I'm not a big meat eater (regulars insert jokes here). A bowl of pasta really fills me up and it's cheaper on a student budget! But if you've found something that works stick with it hun!

I don't like promoting one plan over the other because everyone's body is different as is their lifestyle. It's part of the reason I love Slimming World - the flexibility there's so much choice! It'd be a real bug*er if you were doing the cabage soup diet and didn't like soup!

Good luck to you hun, and here's to your weight loss journey,

Natt xxx
Thank you :) Don't get me wrong I love my carbs and love green days, so I think doing a mixture will work out well, at the moment meat is a novelty after not eating any for about 5 months :D Having chicken stuffed with quark and wrapped in bacon for tea :eek: :D


Starting Again!
I know I said I do Green, but that is one of my favourite things to have! It's gorgeous! I like it with some SW friendly potato dauphinoise yum yum yum :D

Mixing it up is probably the best way to go, your body will love it!


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
hi i am the same i love my green days but red seem to work better for me so now i try to alternate the days:D thanks for suggestion of puttin quark in chicken fillets as i had been puttin 2 babybels inside but will try quark
I'm loving the sound of potato dauphinoise! I had the chicken breast stuffed with quark, decided to put chopped garlic inside too, wrapped in bacon, and had it with roast potatoes (HEX B) and carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, gorgeous!