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Started in June Slimming Buddies....


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Hiya hun! I've just started today :) x
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I've been 'playing' at it for a couple of months now but last night actually went and stayed at meeting so today is the 1st day of giving it 100%:D
Hiya MissShhirazz, I'll join, cause I too have started properly today. I've been sticking loosly to the principles for a couple of weeks but am in full flow as of today!!!
Just a thread where we can all moan / chat / encourage each other etc. :D

Share ideas and tips - i just find it helps me. :p
Well i will start

I'm Becs, 27 and mummy to Georgia-Mae (5) and Gabriel (10 weeks).

Joined SW last Tuesday

25.06.09 13st 13lbs
02.06.09 13st 12.5lbs (bought a 12 week countdown and set a target for this period of 2lb loss a week!) Was very naughty last week, so will be committed from now on! ;-)


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i started in may but can i join in lol? :)


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could i join as i started in April but have not been 100% committed. started again on Monday after been ill for 10 days.

my name is Tara. I am married and have three lovely boys aged 14, 7 and 3. I have a cat called Fred and am hoping to rehome a puppy. (fingers crossed).
S: 10st8.5lb C: 10st8.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 26.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
My name is also Tara and I started in March but only half heartedly and am now focused and ready to go.
I'm married with 2 girls, 13 and 2.
My holiday is looming fast and I have set myself mini targets as below


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Hey can I join? I'm doing this online, following the green plan as I'm veggie! I'm 25 (just!) and my gorgeous little boy was 1 last week. I need to shift some baby weight, it's well overdue! I've done WW but kept going off track with all the pointing. I feel really positive about SW as there's not much counting to do :) Me and OH have just done the weekly shopping, I wrote the list lol, and I must say there was an awful lot of fruit and veg yay. xx
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Hey guys, can I join in with you please? I joined on 31/05/09 and love to chat and share ideas. I'm 50 next march and don't want to be fat at fifty so giving it my all this time. Good luck to everyone.
Hiya All,

So glad you could all join me! :D

I too started in April and went off the rails so re-joined last week, think i was catchin up from the Alcohol Holiday when pg :eek:

But as you say ready and rareing to go.

My downfalls are wine and cheese. I've also started a log in the food diary section of the slimming world forum, just to keep me on track and so i can go back and look at where i've gone right and wrong!

I'm off on my jollies in Oct to Cyprus and then next year am getting married in Rhodes so to lose weight for these are my two main targets.

Goal 1 = 1st 10lb loss in 12 weeks (12st 2.5lb)
Goal 2 = atleast a further 7lb loss by October 2nd
Main Goal = Undecided... ideal weight is 9st 7.5lbs, seems a long long way off.....


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Hi can i join i joined slimming world on monday with my friend who started 3 weeks ago she lost 9lb's in that time hope she rubs of on me

My name is Rachel i am 29 got two kids and i weigh 13st 10lb hope i lose some of it for next week my weigh in day is on monday


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Hi all, I'd love to join. Got my first meeting tomorrow, never done slimming world before but i've tried everything else. Did a very low cal diet a month or so ago, lost nearly a stone, kept it off but it wasn't something i could maintain. Myself and my friend are off to a meeting tomorrow alongside attending some classes.
I'm 26... single, no children.... love to shop,,,, and really i hope i stick to this!!!


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Well I am Lucie, 28, give up smoking and put some weight on that I need to shift :)

How do I count Rhubarb crumble made with sweetner?


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Back on the wagon....
My weight has crept back on as I have been celebrating far too much and paying the price!
Im Dawn 29 I have 2 children and weigh 13 st 11 lb I have started slimming world again as it is such an easy plan to follow. Good luck to everyone :p