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Started induction again

Hi all, I'm doing low carb again. I've lost 5stone doing low carb but through having extended periods of falling off the wagon so to speak gradually put 2 stone back on. So I decided to start again with vigor. So cut all veg out. Eating meat, cheese & eggs with cheese Mayo cream etc. A few nuts here and there. Also been hitting the gym. First week amazing 5lb loss. 2 week 1lb loss. I am in ketosis apart from today however got on scales yesterday whopping 5lb gain!!! Surly this isn't normal & when I'm in ketosis should the weight be dropping off me? I'm at my wits end need this to work this time round. Any hints, tips & advice is welcomed x
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I ought to add that I am still drinking gin & slimline tonic on a Saturday night. But I have checked on Sunday & I am still in ketosis.


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I'm not really sure what has happened, I had my own surprise gain there, but I already feel it shifting so just carry on. You will get there, but maybe try to have just a little veg. I've usually done it like you have (minus the nuts and gin lol) - old school Atkins - but the veg can play it's part in getting us to goal.
Good luck, and well done on your loss so far!


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I find that cheese stalls me. A few of the others on here get stalled by dairy too.
You really do need to have some leafy greens too. 15g of your 20g carb allowance should be leafy greens.
Try going "Clean and Green" for a few days to kick start you again. That's just your protein plus greens. It's the healthy way to do it. :)
Thanks guys, I'm going to stick at it. If no movement in next few weeks may be time to try a different approach.
nuts are not allowed in Induction, alas! And they are hugely calorific as well as very more-ish. Dairy in total should not exceed 4oz daily. Cheese is notorious for stalling people. No more than 2 tablespoonsful of cream daily. As for the gin, well, whilst it is carb-free it is far from calorie-free and Dr Atkins explained that when alcohol is drunk the body will burn that for fuel before fat. Always.

It is often said that the very first attempt at Atkins gives the fastest losses because the body is just not used to so few carbs. However later attempts sometimes produce slower losses because the body 'remembers'! This doesn't happen to everyone but it does to some.

So I guess your best bet might be to go back to lean and (leafy) green, cut the booze and the nuts (for now) and limit the dairy.

You should see better results. Good luck!
Thanks, I've never followed strict Atkins before did a low carb diet call the idiot proof duet. Nuts & cheese were allowed so was cream without watching the amounts. On average I use one small carton of double cream a week so I don't think im over doing the recommended dosage. I will
However cut the nuts & reduce the cheese. See if that as an effect! Not ready to cut the booze yet it's my only pleasure since choc is a no no x
I had that book, Neris and India's Idiot Proof Diet. It was much more generous than Atkins with lots of things. I saw a recent (November 2010) pic of India Knight at a literary festival. She has put the weight back on, unfortunately.

Don't know about Neris! But of course long-term mainentance is much harder than weight loss. I lost ten stones and maintained for 13 years. Last year my father died and life got very tough. I regained two stones but am now losing again.

The easier a plan, the more generous the carbs allowed, the slower the weight loss. I think that is a general rule.

Good luck again and stick with it. Best diet in the world!
I initial list 5 stone with the Neris & India plan. Gradually put 2 back on but that was due to not sticking to the plan as opposed to the plan. Wanted a kick start & quicker results so decided to try & cut down on veg etc see if it makes a difference. Thanks for everyones support though

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