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Started SF today

Hi everyone,

Well day 1 on slimfast today. I am doing a slight variation on the plan as for breakfast I am not having a slimfast shake but having branflakes with raisins, which comes to around the same no. of calories. I enjoy my breakfast and worry that forcing myself to swap it for a shake would do me more harm than good.

Am having my main meal of the day at lunchtime as if I eat at lunch I tend to feel full for the rest of the day, whereas if I skip it (or if I had a shake instead) I am more prone to snacking. Will then have my shake in the evening, which I think will help me lose easily cos at the moment eating junk in the evening is my biggest problem.

Had my branflakes for brekkie, then a yummy lunch of salmon in white wine and mushroom sauce with veg and chips- comes in at about 600 cals I think (it was at a restaurant). Had fruit cocktail for a snack and then my Slimfast half an hour or so ago which filled me up nicely. So am pleased with my day 1 :) success!

I do think Slimfast is quite easy to stick to, as I don't feel hungry on it, so am looking forward to losing over the next month or so! My overall plan is to Slimfast til end of June, and hopefully I can get a stone and a halfish off by then, and if I have more than half a stone to get to goal I will go back onto the Cambridge Diet to reach my final goal :D :D. I can't do CD at the moment as lunchtimes on my placement (which finished in June) are very sociable and I feel excluded if I dont go with the other 4 for lunch. So I will slimfast til I leave and then CD it up :) then I can have my main meal with them at lunch and if I want to go out for a meal in the evening etc. I can do. It also means the time I am on CD for will hopefully be much shorter which is important for me as the longer I am on it, the more messed up I feel!!

Sorry for the essay, just wanted to get some of my thoughts down and am going to use this thread as a sort of mini-diary to track my thoughts and my progress.

How is everyone else getting on with SF? Would be really encouraged by hearing about the success of others if you are willing to share....

Nikki x
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Good luck with it hun, I done SF for a few months when I was taking a break from SW and it really helped me to kick start the weight loss again. It's easy to do and the results are good x
Thanks hun :) have done day 2 now and its been fine- have been tempted to snack but managed to stick to the plan. I had half a tin of peaches in juice and thats it- as one of my allowed snacks!! :) xxx


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Hi wannabeslim

I personally love slimfast and have been doing it now for 16 weeks (OMG can't believe it has bene that long). I lose on average 1lb/2lb a week but am sure if I upted the exercise I would lose more - lol.

Good luck with your first week - am sure you will do fantastically.


Aww thanks everyone!!

Have been doing slimfast better than planned- shake for brekkie and dinner then my meal at lunch. Am down 2lbs today (day 3) so really chuffed!!!!

1/2lbs a week would be so great! Hopefully 2lbs would be my average as I need to lose at least stone before end of June- do u reckon that's possible?? xx
A stone by the end of June is definately achievable if you stick to the plan. SF say 1-2lbs a week I think but if you exercise you may even lose more. 2lbs down by day 3 is fab. Keep going like that and the stone will be gone in no time!

BL x
ahh thats good to know what the Slimfast official approximate weightloss is! I exercise loads- aquafit x2 per week, pilates x1 per week and gym x1 or 2 a week... thats part of the reason I have started Slimfast- cos i had reached a plateau in my weightloss due to muscle weight gain!! So hoping that Slimfast might kickstart the losing again- which it seems to have started doing already :D :D

Yayyyyyy xx
Yes they say 1-2lbs. Using the maths, a woman is allowed 2000 cals per day. 1lb is equal to 3500 cals. So reducing your cals by 500 per day (7 x 500 = 3500). Therefore if you were having 1500 cals you should lose 1lb, because you are having less than that and burning calories too you should be burning at least a pound a week.
(not sure if it works in reality tho! ;))

Hope that helps
BL x
Yeah, well for my weight and height with the amount of exercise I do, I need 2400 cals to maintain my weight so hopefully on (from what I have worked out) a max of 1400 cals, thats an underspend of 1000 cals a day, over 7 days is 7000 cals, so 2lbs exactly... in theory... thanks for your help hun! xx

Well today has been good(ish)- shake for brekkie, slimfast cheese bite thingys as a snack, shake for lunch and dinner out... could have been better at dinner really but it was a one-off! Had mushrooms in tomato sauce with garlic and a (very tiny) bit of cheese on top to start- 100 cals, main was a small calzone pizza-home made and they told me it had approx 500 cals in it, and dessert (oops i shouldnt have had this) was profiteroles- 4 of them with a vanilla cream... dread to think how bad that was for me. I suppose the slimfast product total was 500, and my main and starter were 600, so thats 1100 cals out of the 1300 I am allowed so that leaves me 200 for the profiteroles and whatever extra cals they contained I have gone over. Still, it could have been much worse as I was originally tempted by the garlic bread as a starter :D

Tomorrow will be even better as I have no meal planned for the evening and am thinking a salad or a stirfry to help counteract todays over-indulgence!!

How is everyone else getting on? xx
Wooohooooo! Just wanted to let ya all know I decided to get on the scales this morning to see how much I've lost so far this week, and I am 5lbs down on my day 1 weight (Monday) and am now in the twelves at 12.12!!! YAYYYYYYYY :D :D :bliss: am well chuffed! xxx
lol i wish! have eaten quite a bit and drunk a fair amount of alcohol tonight- just hope i havent pushed myself back again!! would like to be 12.12 on monday morning (week 1 WI) xx