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  1. smileyk

    smileyk Member


    I am new to the diet and was ridiculously motivated and managed to lose 8 lbs in the 1st week (by my scales). First 2 days were hard but easy day 3. Stopped feeling cold and wasn't hungry. Now on day 6 and all I can do is think about food 24x7. I haven't cheated but it is taking everything I have not to have a nibble of something.

    I thought once I was in ketosis, its gets much easier...
    What is happening...
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  3. Chartreuse

    Chartreuse Full Member

    Hi, in my experience the physical hunger subsides a great deal, though makes the odd appearance. It's more emotional hunger. Often people who find themselves overweight are using food for emotional reasons or for the sensual pleasure. That kind of hunger may still occur, but it's a useful way to work out why we've over-eaten in the past. It does get easier, try to stick with it - 8lbs is a great first loss!!
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  4. Ian1975

    Ian1975 Full Member

    Hi smiley. It's the mental torture. Habit, can't have.....means you want it all the more from time to time.

    Stay strong. 8lbs is amazing - you've lost 4bags of sugar in one week.
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  5. smileyk

    smileyk Member

    Thanks Chartreuse

    I have noticed that I eat when I'm bored or don't want to do the job in hand. At work I just booked loads of meetings back to back and through lunch so I didn't have to think about food. This is how I used to end up skipping lunch so I know it works. Working week is much easier. I am finding weekends a torture.

    Noticed we are similar height and have similar target. Are you still on sole source?
  6. smileyk

    smileyk Member

    I am pretty chuffed with 8lb loss in 5 days - tomorrows weigh in will be a 6 day loss and that has been what has spurred me on. I know I lose more the first week so need to remember that I will lose less next week.

    I guess the long term maintenance will come from tackling the mental side of things.
  7. Chartreuse

    Chartreuse Full Member

    Hi Smiley, yes, I'm SSing it all the way through until I'm too low a BMI to keep doing so. I'll do a week on stage 2 after my first 12 weeks SS is up. Then back onto shakes and soups. I need the rigidity of that, I'm a rather all or nothing kind of girl. I occasionally find that I feel deprived and get in a bit of a sulk about it, but mainly it's now such a firm habit, I don't think about it. I get a bit disheartened at how far I still have to go (target for me looks like some time in November), but this was my choice and it matters to me to try my very best.
  8. smileyk

    smileyk Member

    My CDC has said I will need to move up to Step 2 as I am at the top of my healthy BMI already which is crazy as I have rolls of fat (not exaggerating) so I have made my CDC appointment for a week on Wed (11th June) so I can stay on SS for a bit longer + have a social engagement which will involve eating before then. Don't get me wrong, I am really looking forward to food but looking forward to reaching my target BMI and maintaining this much more.

    I am so impressed that you have done SS for so long - makes me feel like a total wuss. I am an all or nothing girl too. That's why I want to stick to it as if I get a taste for food, I know I will want to move up a step. I really only need to stick to SS for another couple of weeks so this week counts as 1/3 of the way there.
  9. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    Hi smiley, don't get too hung up on ss. I was step two all the way. I lost up to 4 lbs a week after my first week. It's a good step because you still stay in ketosis but have a bit of food. I lost 3lbs on it last week and have just moved up to step 3. I still feel rolly at times but I am happy to be moving up the steps now. Whatever you do it'll be great! Don't be afraid of food. In the long run you need to be on top of it and know you're the boss of your life and what you eat.

    Good luck!
  10. Chartreuse

    Chartreuse Full Member

    I'm impressed that you've taken your weight in hand before you got to a point of having a lot to lose. I think it's tough either way, of course, but you have your goal in sight which is brilliant!
  11. smileyk

    smileyk Member

    Your weight loss on step 2 is impressive. I have a social engagement on 6th June - am debating whether to move to Step 2 after that as I am already within BMI. Not sure whether I should do 3 days on SS just to go back into ketosis before moving up to step 2 though
  12. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    Thanks. It's really not such a bad step. I had weddings and all sorts on step two. In fact last week I had a seven course tasting meal and still lost weight. All I do on those occasions is avoid the carbs and so I never got kicked out of ketosis and still lost weight. Depending on what your social is could you avoid the carbs and still enjoy your event? If so might be the way to go without potentially putting yourself through the low carb flu. Btw alcohol won't kick you out of ketosis but you might well put the odd lb on it you drink but that disappears quickly!
  13. smileyk

    smileyk Member

    uhhm - what's carb flu?
  14. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    That cold, headachy rubbish feeling you get when you stop eating carbs. That's the low carb flu.
  15. smileyk

    smileyk Member

    OK - will look out for that then.

    Having read your posts, have decided that I will move up to Step 2 for my social engagement. Your weight loss on step 2 has given me the inspiration that it will be fine for me and as my CDC says I should move up now anyway, the extra few days on SS will be bonus weight loss.

    Managed to get through today and only 4 more days until I can chew on something - even I can manage that.
  16. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    I think because I started on step 2 (I'm anaemic so wasn't allowed to do ss) I haven't not had food so it felt fine for me to adjust at social occasions. Don't get me wrong they're hard and I often get asked if I'm not drinking because I'm pregnant. But I always enjoy myself and haven't felt deprived really.

    I'm glad I've inspired you not to be afraid of going to step 2. Good luck!

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