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Hi all,

It's great to find a good forum, I've been looking everywhere!

Well, I started on Thursday and am finding it fine. I have a few Q's though and would be grateful for any feedback...

1. Do you have to use your healthy extras? I have been using A and no Bs so far (green days). Just Milk and 2 babybel. No desire for anything else. Does this matter?

2. How much weight did everyone lose in first week?

I'm worried that come Thurs (first weigh in) I will be disappointed. I have been a yo yo dieter for year. Had eating probs as a teenager and then piled it on once I settled down. I really want this to work!

Thanks and good luck to everyone on here.:)
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hiya and welcome, i always use my HEBs and I would (in my humble opinion) say really try to use them they are ther to keep you healthy, what bout having an alpen light or a hi-fi bar with a cuppa, or having a bowl of cereal for brekkie, maybe if you try planning them in you'll find it easier.

My first week I lost 6 pounds, took a break for a while and re started just before christmas and that first week i lost 8 pounds, but everyones different and it depends how much you have to loses? how much are you wanting to lose? xxx


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I would use your HEXbs too - agree with Rainbow - all the fibre content in them :)

I lost 6.5lb in first week - hmmm - that was such a long time ago! pmsl!

Good Luck on ya journey! x


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I think it is important to use your HE's as they give you the required amount of fibre etc..
In my opinion in your first week using or not using your HE's wont make that much difference last time i did slimming world it wasnt until i was nearly at target that reducing my HE's helped.

Good luck



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I was wondering the same, will I lose more weight if I dont eat them or will it just mean I have to keep eating less and less?