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Started Two Weeks Ag

Hi Everyone,

I started two weeks ago, finding it fine so far.Not hungry as such, getting through the water and loving the shakes and soup so all good... 16th day today :):)

Lost 14lb first week and then only 2lb today so a little disapointed in that but I suppose it is good with loosing so much in first week. My clothes are big now too so i seem to be loosing inch's too but forgot to measure on first week :(

Was disapointed this week because i was in Manchester weekend and didnt break the LT so i was delighted but then when i seen 2lb loss today i was a bit :(

All the tips on the site are great :)

nmm x :p
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Hi nmmireland, you are doing great :D if someone had told you that you would lose 16lb in the first 2wks would you have believed them??? You have kept off your first stone and added to it, so your now into your 2nd stone... WELL DONE.
It's great that you enjoy the shakes and the soup, it does make it a lot easier...


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Well done on your loss so far hun, and dont be disappointed with 2lb, just pick up 2lb of butter and see how much fat is there!!

Good luck for next week hun, please dont be disheartened.
Ah thanks Kered and Nikita 10... I know i am still on track as any loss is great and I am also full of energy the last two weeks, apartment is spotless ha dont know what to do with myself and no dishes to do is a bonus haha... :p

On it till end of April as heading to america then for 10 days on 27th and then back on it for a few weeks in May, I am actually enjoying it which is strange lol maybe i shouldnt speak too soon though with the long weekend ahead :D

nmm xx


I will be skinny again!!!
Well done chick! thats brill!!

You may find your losses will vary and go up and down, Mine did! Some weeks it can be disheartening but the next or the week before always makes up for it :)

Im the same, I loved all of the shakes and the soup... But I hate the flapjacks lol!!
Thanks Chelly, I know I am pleased with the total weigh loss for the two weeks though, it was just that in Manchester for the weekend i was so tempted but didnt give in, everyone was eating, burgers, chips at the match and everywhere I looked seemed to be restuarants lol but i got through it and then today i was like 2lb after been so good but sure i feel good so thats the main thing....

I know when i liked the shakes and soup i was like oh i might actually like the bars, they were vile... i opened one at 10 am on one day and was still picking at it at 10 am the following day haha...so they all went back today for shakes...

Seen your pic from today, you look brilliant, fair play to you :D

I have been going through everyone's posts and the tips are great... :)

nmm x


I will be skinny again!!!
This forum is amazing for help and support!!

It gets you through some bad times!!

Ohh, yeah its really hard... Like in people work and my boyfriend constantly ate fast food arround me.. and it was sooo hard!!

But the things they were eating.. I kinda pretended it was my fat they were eating lol.. So while they ate that I was losing it :)

Made me giggle to myself sometimes
ha very good Chelly, must remember that one ha :D

I know this site keeps me occupied and my mind busy lol love going through all the posts and the refeeds etc...