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Starter pack?

Hey guys!
I have my first meeting tomorrow, proper nervous!
I have to order my packs by email before I go. Anyone have any suggestions as to flavours etc. Any I should defo avoid, what I'm not allowed in first two weeks etc.

Is it best to try one of everything?

Thanks for your help

Natz x
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i now have just chocolate tetras cause they are so much nicer than any of the others IMHO. the fact that they are ready made and i am lazy has nothing to do with it...... honest ;).
I get 7 choc mint and 7 vanilla as you can have them hot or cold and 7 strawberry I have that one with ice it's Like a mcdonalds milkshake! If you shut your eyes! Lol x


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You're allowed everything except the bars in the first couple of weeks.

So you can have soups, shakes, tetras and porridge.

The porridge - hmm, it's like marmite, you either love it or you hate it. Personally, it's not something I'd start my Cambridge journey with. The thing about Cambridge products is, once you're through the first few days, things start to taste better than they did to start with, LOL.

Personally, I don't think you can go wrong with vanilla, strawberry and chocolate packet shakes although I don't like chocolate orange shakes (thought I'd love them, but to me, they have the oddest aftertaste - again though, it's a marmite thing cos others love 'em.).

It's well worth having some tetras because it saves all the faff of trying to figure out how to make up a shake at work or when you're out and about. Try a few of each of those - they only come in 3 flavours anyway, chocolate, banana and strawberry.

Soups - they're all... okay. Ish. Depends if you think you might miss having something savoury or not.

Hope you get on well tomorrow and that your CWPC is lovely x
Lol chic choc mint seems popular! Am I allowed porridge to start? And am I allowed to pit sweetener on it? X


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You're allowed everything except the bars in the first couple of weeks.

So you can have soups, shakes, tetras and porridge.

(though you can't have mix-a-mousse or water flavourings)

So yes, you can have porridge but you probably won't need sweetener - it's quite sweet already.
Interesting, thanks :) will send off my list tomorrow morn. Im Liking the idea of Leek and Potato soup? X


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I loved the leek and pot soup but sadly about 4/5 weeks in I've gone off it and moved onto vegetable, hopefully my taste for it will come back soon! I love the maple and pecan porridge, it's a good way to start the day and can act as a little comfort food of a cold evening x
Hehe, isn't it funny how everybody's tastes are different - just like regular tastes I suppose! It's gonna be pot luck, anyway. Xx

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Chocolate, choc mint vanilla and banana all really nice. Porridge was vile. Spicy tomato soup is lovely. Leek and potato, vegetable and chicken and mushroom all nice. Agree that choc orange has funny after taste as does toffee walnut. Butterscotch not very nice. Not tried strawberry or forest fruits as don't like those flavours anyway. Good luck.


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I got one of everything except stuff I know I wouldn't like (banana, mushroom soup, apple & cinnamon porridge) so far I really like everything except porridge (and I got 4 :() tastes like flour & water, yuck!! and Cappuccino (Hat it hot, tasted like coffee soup).

Funnily enough I thought the choc mint tasted a bit flavourless, and that was the one I thought I'd like the best! Loved choc orange though!

The soups are nice to have for tea. I feel like I'm having a meal. And the shakes are good for breakfast, getting through the door quick.

Good luck x
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I like the choc mint and choc orange one hot :)

Id say get what you think you will like the first week to makeit easier and then maybe add a few more flavours each week to try.

Good luck x


please try again
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i live on choc mint shake only, i love the stuff, lol

others i found alright are banana, strawberry, butter scotch, chick and mush, veg, banana tetra, strawberry tetra and maple and pecan porrige.

couldnt stand the potato and leek soup, was refluxing that for hours
the apple and cinnamon porrige i found wayyyyyy too sweet

were all different and tastes change over your time on cd
I like the chocolate velvet tetra and the choc mint shake, also tried the porridge and maple and pecan is gross so I'm now on plain with a dash of Schwartz cinnamon (apparently spices are ok) but the texture does take a bit of getting used to. It makes you feel like you have actually eaten something which is nice! :-D

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