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Startin tomorrow

Hi, I started today. Going well so far. Strawberry and choc shakes are nice, tomato soup not so gr8 but I eat it. I am finding that splitting my packs in half and eating (if thats what you call it) them spread throughout the day is working quite well. Just had my soup and still have 1/2 choc shake for later.

Good luck on your journey. It will be interesting to compare notes with you as you are just starting too.

Hi Jo..

Good luck with starting tomorrow, its a fab diet with terrific results, I think your wanting to lose 35lb in 2 months is very do-able, just make sure you drink, drink, and yeah drink lol



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S: 15st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 23 Loss: 4st1lb(26.27%)
i agree with what canary said, as long as you stick to it and drink plenty 35lbs should be gone before you know it :D


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Hiya Tui

I think your target is absolutely realistic and good luck with it.

The diet is great but make sure you drink that water and do exactly what it says in the books your counsellor will give you and that 35 pounds will be a distant memory by the end of July!

Go for it!

Good luck on your journey!
I have lost 18 pounds in just 3 weeks! Have had blips, but this forum is great for helping you over them! The people are fantastic!
Its not always easy but worth it!
echo the others, stick with it, drink loads of water and you will reap the rewards! :D:D
Im on day 5 at the moment so havnt been doing this long at all. I have found the flavours of drinks become more likeable as you go through! I have found water is the key like everyone is saying, i tend to drink even when i think i might be hungry lol! Good luck :)


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S: 15st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 23 Loss: 4st1lb(26.27%)
i sometimes struggle to drink loads but i know its the only way, can drink more when its warm so drunk loads in last few days lol


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Hi Jo

I agree - 35lb in 2 months or so sounds totally "do-able".

I have just finished my 6th week and have lost 27lb so far - so in terms of your 35lb target in 2 mths/8 weeks if I lose 4lb for the next 2 weeks that would bring me in line with your target.

Good luck with your first day tomorrow.

I'm just starting my 4th day (still a newbie:)) and have found that I'm losing just over 1 lb each day and I don't have too much to lose (just under 2 stone). I know it's only my first week and so likely to have a bigger loss than normal, but I'm hoping to be at goal inside 2 months and from the results I've seen so far i'd say if you keep your halo in place and are angelic you can do it!!!

Good luck xx
Good luck with your first day :D


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I hope day 1 has gone ok for you - good luck for the rest of the week ;)
Hi Everyone.
Thanks for the support!
You will all be please to know that day one has gone fine.... drank loads of water as advised by everyone!
Roll on day two!!!
Jo xx


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:party0011: Well done Jo that is a fab start!!!! :party0011:

Congratulations for toughing out the first week - It really does get easier from here on in :).
:party0019:That's fab hun!!! Congratulations. Keep it up now and you'll soon be at goal and able to eat again ... mmmm .....food .... :drool: xx

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