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Starting 04/01/2011

Hi Jo...

Count me in your team!! I started Tuesday 4th January, never done slimming world before and really really enjoying it, I seem to have finally found a diet that suits me :)

My goal is 5 stone by Christmas 2011 (at the latest)

Good Luck TEAM!!! x

I'd like to join your team :p I started last Tuesday and hope to lose about a stone and half in total. My dream would be to lose a stone by the time I go to a friends wedding in March!
I lost 3lb!!! so pleased!
Just weighed in I have lost 3lb and happy with that :)

Laura x
hi all

lost 3lb again this week. fabulous :)
how'd everyone else do?
Week 2 and I lost 2lbs quite happy with that considering we went out for my birthday tea :s back on the wagon now though xx well done!!!
hey Jo
a loss is a loss. Just keep focused on hitting that half stone mark. Im a lb of my half stone loss too - so lets both aim to hit it next week together.

ohhh Jo, that's frustrating for you I bet. Here is what I think you will do (and Im going to remember all this, as I am sure I will fall off the wagon one day).

1) stop beating yourself up about it
2) make a promise to yourself now, that you will forget all that has happened up to now and start again from right now.
3) Take it one day, or even one meal at a time. Trying to think about many stones by the end of the year gets to me and seems so huge (excuse pun!) that its not realistic. But if I plan what my lunch is, what my tea is and so on - well I can stick to a plan for one meal!!!!
4) Think about why you went off track - if you can identify what went wrong then we can all suggest some possible solutions to stop it happening again.
5) Give yourself a break, you are trying to make a positive difference, and that in itself is a positive change.
6) Force yourself to look in the mirror every day and say at least one true and postive and kind thing to yourself.... and believe it no matter how uncomfortable you may feel at first.
7) Be kind to yourself....always...

hope this helps you... happy to think of some ways to help you back on the sw wagon if you want to share why you think you fell off.

Can I join in as well. I started the diet on 2nd January and so far have lost 7 lbs. I weigh on Sunday so will update this week. Pinklady - don't give up - just prepare your food. Think of what meals you enjoy and have a search on the recipe thread. Good luck for the future
Hi, I'd love to join too, even though I've not done too well so far! I lost 5 lbs in my first week, but then put on 1 lb second week. It was my * week and also went out for a meal where i indulged in lots of chocolate cake and wine! I'm not holding out much hope for this Wednesday's weigh in either as have spent the weekend in London for my BF's birthday! I again drank lots and ate lots but had been planning the weekend for months so thought 'sod it' ! Anyway those are my excuses made and I'm back on track now!!
hi everyone

How have you all done this week. Feeling good about weigh-in or a bit nervous?

Im a bit nervous about it tbh - went out on Friday night and had a few too many drinks. Syned them and paid it back Sat, Sun and today, but still .....

really really want to have lost some weight tomorrow (ideally 1.5lb or more jus tto spur me on). But Ive already decided next week is a 100%er week - every day Im going to stick to the SW plan completely - including having the right amount of syns. Just like golidlocks - not too many, not too few. Anyway guys, good luck for tomorrrow. Hope you all check in


morning lovely ladies

I lost 1.5lb- yeah!!!!!!! delighted with this - not a big loss but I've always been slow at losing so as long as I lose every week I am one happy lady :D

So starting my 100%er week today - with a mini goal of 10lb in six weeks to keep me focused. I have a wedding in six weeks time, havent bought a dress for it yet, and want to look fabulous. Going focus on that everytime I feel Im slipping off 100%. Wish me luck!!!

How did you all do this week?

Hi all,
Only found this board today. Can I join in too?
Week 3 WI at 6pm, absolutly dreading it- been very bad this week.
Will update later as to weight loss.

Tracy xx
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Hi Tracy

welcome to our little group - and hope you had a good loss week!

Jo- that's great news. You will so lose .5lb this week. Just keep focused and remember how amazing its going to be to let us know next week that you've hit your half stone award!!

Lots of luck ladies.


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