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Attack Starting 15/11 please let this work!!


Slowly but surely!
Hi Guys

I keep trying to get back on the SW wagon and have so far failed! I work better on a strict diet and need to be able to eat lots as cannot stand being hungry!!

So I have the book, not yet read it all but am going to crack on anyway as have been reading through your posts for last week or so.

Going to do a diary here so that you can tell me when I go horribly wrong :eek:)

Tomorrows menu:-

B - FF Yoghurt, outbran & cinnamon
L - Meatloaf (made with turkey mince, made tonight in preperation)
D - Roast chicken (feed the family as per normal!) with left over meatloaf

Going shopping for lots of goodies tonight and plan at least 5 days in attack.

Wish me luck!!!
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Slowly but surely!
Thanks Milton, think it may have been your diary ive kinda stolen ideas from lol hope you dont mind!
Good luck, Dukan is a wonderful diet, stick to it and you can't go wrong. You have done really well to loose the weight and stablise from your previous diet so getting the last bit off Dukan style should be easier. I loved the Dukan diet and I loved the strictness of it. No guess work, no I could have just one of those. Black and white, that's how I like it.

So enjoy, watch the scales and the lovely ladies on here will let you know if you are going wrong somewhere.


Slowly but surely!
Well im into day 1 YAY!!
Think I may be doing something slightly wrong though as both the Breakfast and lunch ive made today have tasted awful, did manage to get the yoghurt down with lots of sweetner but am going to try porridge tomorrow instead. Made a turkey meatload last night to bring to work lets hope its tastes better cold than it did last night hehehe!
Wont give up though!
I tried to stick with foods that I liked or were similar to what I was used to eating. For me chunks of chicken marinated in yoghurt and curry spices then baked in the oven were a mainstay. I then made a yoghurt dip with mint sauce (Coleman's garden one is Dukan friendly) and some gram masala and it was very satisfyingly tasty.

Scrambled eggs are good for breakfast and will hold you off for a long time too.


Slowly but surely!
Well ive made it to the end of day 1 yay!! Have been very hungry at times but got through with the help of fruit teas and a nice bowl of yoghurt and sugar free jelly granules yum!

Planned menu for tomorrow -

B - Oatbran porridge
L - 2 eggs mashed with pepper, mustard, yoghurt and quark, served with smoked salmon
D - Spicey low fat meatballs

Will have 1 muller light and maybe left over chicken as snacks if i get hungry in between!!
Looks like you have made a really good start - well done for the weight loss so far. Dukan will probably suit you well especially after SW as very similar to a red day. I agree that you should defo eat stuff you like! Have a look on the recipe thread - I found Lady Mahayla recipes (Recipes I love) particularly lovely. Her thai green curry is yum with prawn or chicken. Also the BBQ sauce has been a life saver on PP days. Good luck - will watch out on your weight loss.


Slowly but surely!
OMG my lunch was awful, actually made me gag! Not doing very well at this so far and so so so so so so hungry! Be home at 4ish and can eat then... wont give up.... wont give up!!
Not sure salmon and mustard is such a good choice?! I'd stick to plain foods until you're used to it. I had prawns and cottage cheese one day, turkey slices (lots) another day.

How long are you doing attack for?


Slowly but surely!
Im going for 5 days on attack, so my first PV day will be Sunday and I can eat with my babies without drooling over their vegies lol

Going to stick with simple stuff for lunch from now on like chicken or tuna, just until I get the hang of it!


Slowly but surely!
Planned menu for day 3 -

B - Going to attempt a Galette lol
L - Tuna dukan quiche
D - Got some chicken fillets will spice them up a bit or make up some sauce!
Sounds good :)


Slowly but surely!
Day 4 already... cant wait for some veggies sunday :)

Today is
B - Oat bran porridge
L - Going shopping so will pick up some chicken to munch on
D - Tandoori chicken and prawns
Lots of water, finally given up the squash, cant wait to see what the scales read sunday, hope it working!!


Slowly but surely!
Day 5 - Last day of attack YAY! Have planned to make a dukan friendly stew tomorrow, so kids can enjoy with mash and ill just enjoy having something with veggies and some moisture lol Cant wait!

Today I have planned -

B - Dukan Porridge
L - Tuna - Cottage Cheese (Finally giving it a shot)
D - Nice bit steak with some prawns, as I didnt eat these yesterday as I managed to devour more chicken on its own than id like to admit to!

Thinking I may have eaten too much yesterday so going to try and eat smaller portions today, hope everyone has a nice weekend! x
Hi, well done on the four days of attack. Are your stats correct? If you want to lose around 20lb, that's the same amount as I had to lose and Dr D advised 3 days attack.

I'd start phase II today - get some veggies on your plate!


Slowly but surely!
Into Cruise YAY!

End of attack and I have lost 6lbs woohoo! So happy and even happier I can now have veggies!

PV Day -

B - Dukan Porridge
L - Beef stew, slow cooked with low salt stock, carrots swede onions and mushrooms, serving with some brussels
D - Chicken and 0% greek yoghurt

Going to move onto the main menu thread now but thanks for the support here!

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