Starting 1st Jan 2009


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Hiya, thought i would join up since im due to start CD on 1st Jan 2009, i have had a horrendous year and glad its nearly over but with 8 and half stone to loose now thought 2009 should start on a good foot!

I have already booked my local counsellor who is coming seeing me this wednesday and im due to see my doctor this tuesday to get them to sign my form.

So Hello!
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hi Katie, well done for choosing Cd its a difficult choice as it sounds so drastic, but for me its the easiest diet i have done! good luck!!!


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Great choice! Good luck with it!


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Good luck hun, you can do it!!



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Good luck Katie, look forward to hearing about your journey. I am seeing my local CDC next tues and hope to start that week so will join you in updating!! Best of luck for 2009.


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Just thought I would plod in here and wish you luck for 2009. I'm doing LL from Wednesday - and can't wait to get stuck in.

Really hope you get all you want out of CD and I'm sure you will!


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Good luck.

I'm starting CD on Jan 5th....... well I'm supposed to be if my packs arrive in time. If they aren't here I'll just have to wait until they arrived. I've been carrying this extra person around for years now so I guess a few extra days won't hurt eh??


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Hi Katie, good luck for your first day! Happy New Year! xxx


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good luck ...i'm restarting next week , hopefully 6th/7th whenever my CDC can see me ! look forward to hearing about your losses in the upcoming weeks


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ive had about 2 weeks of but starting today :D and feeling so positive about it xx good luck everyone xc