Starting a food/weightloss/exercise diary and looking for some encouragement!

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  1. philly

    philly Member

    So a little history:

    I started weightwatchers after my 20th birthday last february in an attempt to ditch the weight I had gained since joining uni! It all went very well and I lost two stone taking me down to 10st.. at 5ft3 i was just about happy with this but wouldnt mind loosing a little more. Just about the time I reached 10st I went off travelling for two and a half months to SE asia and Canada which involved a lot of beer and a messy break up resulting in me gaining one of the stones back over the travelling and following few months.

    However now I am back again fighting!

    I rejoined WW and lost about 5lbs but can't afford to keep up the membership anymore. I have learnt enough to stick to the WW propoints plan without a membership though and am now down to 10st 6lbs.

    I've just started studying for my final exams which means long days of sitting and reading, craving chocolate to make me feel better about life, which is why I have started this food diary! I'm hoping it will help me keep better track of what I'm eating and maybe prevent binges too when I am feeling down about exams, so here goes:
    I'm on 26 propoints per day, and my final aim would be between 9st7 and 10st.
    I also generally exercise between 4-5 times a week, but this will depend on my workload over the next 6 weeks.

    I would also love a weightloss buddy with similar weekly goals to me (1-2lbs a week) !


    • Aldi knock-off Jordans Frusli cereal (30g): 3
    • Low fat natural yoghurt (50g): 1
    • Banana: 0


    • Warburtons Sandwich thin: 3
    • Wafer thin ham (100g): 2
    • tsp extra low fat mayo: 0
    • Salad: 0
    • Pizza Express light salad dressing: 1


    • WW bagel: 4
    • Quorn chicken style pieces (100g): 2
    • Mixed vegetables: 0
    • Curry powder: 0
    • Yoghurt (50g): 1


    • Melon portion
    • Jordan's maple and peacan bar: 4
    • Mango portion
    • Curly Wurly: 3
    • Skimmed milk: 1
    • Apple: 0

    Total: 25

    60 minute circuit class.
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  3. newme763

    newme763 Full Member

    Hi philly ! I will be your buddy :-D I just started a diary too ! We seem to have similar goals, I'm 5'3" too and currently 11.1, with a goal of 10. Ive been 10 and was a nice slim 10-12 then. I've already lost 1 stone 9, I'm using an app called Ultimate Value Diary which cost a one off of £2.49 and I can't recommend it enough it does everything and more than the WW app that I was paying £11/month for !
  4. philly

    philly Member

    Oo fab I will have a look at it! I found it hard looking through the ww forums to find anyone as short as me and weight gain is so much more noticeable on a short person! As it says in my post I was at 10 briefly and I was happy. The next 6 weeks will be really tough on me though because when I'm so stressed for my exams and revising all day I just end up eating loads of chocolate at 9/10pm!
  5. ross5

    ross5 Member

    Hey philly,

    I'd like to join you also... Am 5' 3" also and weigh 10st 6.5 lbs last time @ class. Was down to 10 like for one week got my gold card but then was xmas and put on about 7 lbs and have kept that on, it was xmas 2012. I just want to get back to 10 also so looking forward to this.

    Have been crap at it since weekend have to cop on :(...
  6. philly

    philly Member

    Hi Ross :) It is hard to get back into it but it will become routine again soon enough:) I just keep trying to remind myself how much happier I was with myself back then! Also with summer around the corner and my plans to go travelling again in September for probably a year or two this time I'd really like to ingrain healthy eating into my brain to try help stop me gaining it all back when I'm on the road again!
  7. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    subscribing and good luck :)
  8. philly

    philly Member

    So today I headed home for bank holiday weekend, which makes things harder because I can't plan my meals very far in advance while I'm here! Also easter means chocolate and that I can eat cheese again which I gave up for lent! One of my friends bought me a chocolate egg (grr) but it was a kind thing to do :) I have split it up into 4 portions which I worked out are 5pts each to try control myself a little more, I also turned down the offer of a meal out (curry) tonight which I'm proud of myself for :).
    Here is today's food diary:
    Apple: 0

    Wafer thin ham: 4
    Salad: 0
    Salad dressing: 1
    Pinapple chunks: 0

    Sweet potato wedges: 4
    3x Fish Fingers: 4
    Mushrooms: 0
    Light Mayo: 1

    Easter egg portion: 5
    Cube of dark chocolate: 1
    Milk: 2
    Tunnocks Caramel wafer: 4
    Total: 26

    Haven't managed to do any exercise today due to travelling home, seeing my fam and revision but the plan is to go running in the morning and rowing on sunday morning to try keep to my 5 times per week aim!

    xx :)
  9. philly

    philly Member


    After a fire/calling 999/lots of panicking/stress/crying situation I just ate a piece of shortbread and two pieces of dark chocolate. I know its stupid dealing with it like that but theres no one in and I feeling quite worked up and distressed :/ one of those things you do and instantly regret. Although it could be worse then that. Not sure about the shortbread but the ww forums seem to think its about 2-3pts and the chocolate will add on 2. Annoyed with myself but it is only 5pts over.

    Grr :(
  10. ross5

    ross5 Member

    Jeeze, stressful, hope ye are all okay,

    That's not bad though, with what you have been through :eek:...

    As you said its only 5 points, and tomorrow is another day :)....
  11. newme763

    newme763 Full Member

    Oh no philly! What happened?! Hope all okay today ! Hey don't worry about the 5 points ! Use your weeklies that's what they're for !
  12. philly

    philly Member

    Feeling much fresher with the start of a new day :) I have only used 14 of my weekly points so far this week (my weightloss week is tuesday-tuesday) including last night which is ok. I was just saving them as I am going to a party tonight, but my plan is to stick to gin and slimline tonic and not drink too much so I should be fine on my remaining weeklies :).

    Just a curiosity question: Has anyone ever taken dietary supplements? And if so what kind and what was the effect?
    I dont mean diet pills or any of that fad rubbish, I mean more like calcium tablets for example, vitamins that I don't get enough of because of my diet (I only have a tiny bit of milk in my tea and coffee which is pretty much the extent of my calcium intake).
    I have been reading papers this morning about the different health effects of different supplements but reviews are very mixed so wondered if anyone has any first hand experience?
    ( a bit geeky I know but I am a scientist so find the human body fascinating!
    I think I have a very healthy diet (besides the chocolate) but if I can take supplements to ensure it has everything it needs (and potentially boost my energy levels) that would be good!

  13. philly

    philly Member

    Argh its been a hectic few days with bank holiday weekend! But I'm back. The weekend was ok, I did ALOT of exercise and pointed my days fine other than sunday when I ate lots of cheese because thats what I gave up for lent! However yesterday I weighed in at 10st4 :D which means I'm 2lbs down! Im so happy about it! Can't wait to get under 10st because I've only been there once before for a very short period and it will feel like a real achievement. Im also trying to not concentrate to hard on my weightloss at the moment though because I have to prioritise my finals and if that means eating a bit more chocolate to make me work harder I'll do it!
    Here's yesterday and todays food diary:


    Banana - 0
    Jordans frusli - 3
    Low Fat Yoghurt (50g) - 1

    Wafer thin ham (100g) - 2
    Mayo - 1
    Warburtons square wraps - 5
    Salad - 0
    Alpen light bar - 2

    2 ww sausages - 3
    veg - 0
    half packet of stir fry sauce - 1
    Milk - 2
    maryland mini cookies x2 - 3
    caramel wafer bar - 4
    curly wurly - 3
    Wotsits - 3

    Total = 32
    So I went quite a bit over yesterday, I had a bit of a revision related breakdown in the evening and ate more chocolate than I should, but Im going to the gym and today is a new day! I also have my weeklies which I'm not really planning on using many of this week (other than a few drinks on friday) so its not the end of the world :)

    43 weeklies left!

    Todays Meal Plan: (Will edit if it changes):

    Banana - 0
    Jordans Frusli - 3
    Low Fat Yoghurt (50g) - 1

    Warburtons square wrap - 5
    Wafer thin ham - 2
    mayo - 1
    salad - 0

    WW Sausages x2 - 3
    Sweet potato wedges - 4
    Veg - 0

    Cookie - 1
    Pinapple - 0
    Caramel wafer bar - 4
    Milk - 2

    Total: 26 :)

    Last edited: 23 April 2014
  14. newme763

    newme763 Full Member

    Your food looks yummy philly! Huge congrats on your weight loss ! Oh I can't wait to be 10.4 lol !! Re your question on vit supplements. I take iron as I'm pretty much chronically anaemic since having my twins, then my daughter. I also take glucosamine as I have OA. I have recently began taking vitamin D as apparently my levels are very low indeed. My dr told me many many people are low in D and don't even know it. Apparently these days they have been doing a lot of studies into the effects of low D levels and it can cause lots of aches and pains. I can't say any of the supplements I take have made me feel any better but I have chronic daily pain so it's hard to tell. I also ensure my 3 children have daily vitamins although they generally have a very healthy diet anyway. Where we live I think it's important to not be deficient in D - such a high incidence of MS and neuro related conditions in the northern part of the world
  15. philly

    philly Member

    Ok great, thanks a lot for your insight! I will look into vitamins, I do have a multivitamin but im rubbish at remembering to take it every day! Just been on a 40 min run (even though I reaaaally didnt want to) and feel loads better for it as my mood has been low for the past few days :) feeling motivated and ready to go! xx
  16. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    go u!!!!! :D
  17. philly

    philly Member

    Hey guys :) here's yesterday's food diary - I also did an hour circuits class with a crazy lady that worked me to the ground.

    Banana - 0

    warburtons square wrap - 5
    wafer thin ham - 2
    salad - 0
    mayo - 1

    2x ww sausages - 3
    veg - 0
    seasame oil (1tsp) - 1

    jordans breakfast bar - 4
    alpen light bar - 2
    caramel wafer - 4
    apple - 0
    milk - 2
    quavers - 2

    Total - 26 :)
  18. sue_eadie

    sue_eadie Full Member

    Lovely day - must start my own food diary
  19. ross5

    ross5 Member

    I take calcuim & vitamin D tablets also, they are a combined tablet. Was reading about lack of sun shine can cause quite a few problems so decided to start taking them. Am not very regular at remembering to take them!!!
  20. sue_eadie

    sue_eadie Full Member

    I would be very good either - got a head like a sieve, lol

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