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Starting AGAIN after 4days off!! Need motivation!!! HELPPPPP

I was doing brill! I lost 10lbs last week, then on thurs nyt we went for a meal for my dads 50th bday, then i went out aftetrwards & drank then i nibbled friday & drank friday night, eat saturday & drank sunday... So ive not really eat that much its been teh drink.........
Aha Mrs Lily! I found you! LOL, you enjoyed your Dads b'day and had a few more drinks, just draw a line under it and get back on track, start messaging me again and drinking the water, whatever you have put on will be off in the week. You could have waited to start after your Dads birthday but you didn't, you lost 10 so you were ahead of the game already. Just set your targets now and stick to it, get on with it and get it done. Think of the bank holiday in August! Those dresses etc lol

Youll be fine, but dont be angry with yourself, it aint worth it hun!

Love Angela xxx
Where you been hiding angela!!!!
I messaged you on fb
Ohh im struggling bad!!
I eat 2 pitta breads with salad last nyt!!
Trying my hardest today tho!!
Hopefully i will do it!!!

Keighley i want to lose about 3 stone!!!! Im rubbish at this diet i really am!!

Im considering joining a gym & eating healthy!!
But i know i will still beat myself up!

Im stressing myself big time over it!!!

God damn cambridge diet!!! arrrggghhhhh
I struggle big time aswell, I know I have to do it but I can't find the right frame of mind, I always end up eating then thinking oh well carry on tomorrow then eat the following day then it happens again.

My biggest problem is the wkend


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I SO know what you're going through. I restarted CD 2 weeks ago, managed to stay on it for 5 days then it was my best friend birthday, so I broke it for 2 days and for the last week and a half I just CAN'T keep on it! I keep cheating!!! ugh.

But I finally actually did ONE day without cheating and you know what? I feel so proud of myself that I don't want to cheat today. You see I also have a friend coming to visit me in 2 weeks so I will have to break it again... so this time round, I am trying to remind myself that life indeed DOES happen. SO when it does, just don't get angry but hop back on the CD wagon straight after and then after the 1st day of mega will power needed, it gets easier. And that way you don't have to look into the tunnel with no light at the end of it! At least that way you keep sliding down the scales instead of up... which is where I seem to be again :( Trust me, I know. I have 30kilos to lose!
You do have to be in the right frame of mind. I have now decided to change my Cambridge diet councillor. Mine just doesn't support me I texted her at 4pm the other day to say I was really struggling. She didn't text me back until 9.30pm bythen I had already cheated!
I don't know weather to start today as I'm gigging at a place that does meals & family & friends are coming, they are all having a meal. Also I'm goin to see my new councillor Sunday. I should be ok next week as I'm starting a fulltime job Monday till 9pm so I def won't want to eat then! Out the way of temptation!!

What shall I do guys???
Hi sophielily
I would try and decide if u think u can be 100% today or not. If u feel due to the gig that u can't why don't u compromise. Have all ur water and two shakes but have the meal just makesure it's carb free. So roast chicken n salad no chips or even steak if needs be. That way tell yourself u will be 100% sat n sun so that by time u see CDC u will nearly be in ketosis. Even if u do ss+ sat n sun u will be nearly there but have gently started off. That helps for me Hun. Good luck xx

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Im restarting tomoz!! Guna give it my full shabang!!! Lets do it!!

I will be skinny!!!
My advice and I found it helps me is, if u have a day/evening/unplanned binge, take about 3 days to slowly get yourself back on the wagon. After your day off have all your packs and have a chicken breast or tin of tuna or 2 eggs for 3 days. Then mentally build yourself up everyday. when the 3 days are up u maybe mentally strong enough to SS. it's gradually taking away the food again.
Good luck x

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I did reply to you Sophie, but think I done it on my wall rather than yours LOL Sorry! How are you doing? Are you back on? xxxx

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