Starting again and need a little help...


hi guys,

i was on W.W last year for a while and lost about a stone, long story short it's back on because i didn't stick to W.W.

this time i'm determined, i feel much more positive and actually want to do it rather than feel i need to do it, so i'm after a little help (as i won't be going to meetings, just doing it from home with calculator and books)

i'm 5ft 2, 11st 4lb, mainly standing during the day. i used to be on 29 points, will that still be the case? i read somewhere that 26 is now the minimum, so will i drop down to 26 when i lose about a stone??

last question, are we still allowed the 49 weeklys and do the same rules apply with them as the did last year? (ie, can use them on anything, can be used all in one go or can be used to top up our daily allowance or don't have to be used at all)
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S: 11st9.5lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 1st1.5lb(9.48%)
Yh same rules with the 49 weeklies

Lowest you can go is 26 ... I would start at 29 and then when losses slow down drop a point


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You weigh about 2 stone less than me and they started me on 26 points! If 29 worked for you last time and you lost the weight then thats seems a pretty good bet to start on. Good luck, I am new this week, got weighed last Thursday and have my first weigh in when i find out if i have lost weight or not in 2 days time, so good luck. xx


thanks alot girls, will stick to 29 for now (26 would be hard!) and when i find i'm not really losing i will drop a couple of points.

i did used to find i barely lost if i used my weeklies, so i'd really struggle on 26 points and very few weeklies.


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Natalie R, how tall are you? That will have an impact on your allowance. It's down to what you need to loose to fall into healthy BMI not what you start from. I have 5 or 6 stones left to loose and started on 31 points but 23.5 lb down I'm now on 28.
If you have monthly pass work it out on line on the web site. May be slightly different.
The reason I say this is cos first class I went to the woman just stuck me on 29 pp. As I was breastfeeding at the time I was not impressed as knew was wrong and she was being lazy by not working it out properly. I'm not saying that's the case but it was with me!
Needless to say I found another class!
WW is fab and it works.