Starting again and worried


Hi Everyone

I did really well for 3 weeks on LT before Christmas...however....I will be starting LT again on Monday after a few weeks off for Christmas. I did my refeed around the 19th December and did well, was ok and was shocked and how little food bothered me. I had this dreaded bloody virus then from Boxing day for about a week and it has messed me up big time, I just couldn't eat or do the shakes but when i started to feel better 2/1/09 I have just gone off the rails with the food and feel like my eating habits are back to square one :-(

I have to restart again or else i'll end up back where i started but i'm wondering will i ever be able to control what must be food addicition. How do the people who do this succesfully control the urge to eat eat eat!!

sorry for going on but feeling a bit down.

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rainbow brite

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Hun you just need to try and focus on the end result. Keep thinking how good you felt when losing the weight before and remember, food will always be there when we finish. It's what I have to keep telling myself xx


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hey babe!
i know that feeling... i had a week off after xmas and was gonna restart last week but also had a virus and didnt start. this is my second day back on now even tho im not 100% better but i just wanted to get back onto it as soon as poss. i must admit that in my week off i went completely off the rails with food too... but once i got over that i found that everything i ate just wasnt as good as i thought it would be.. finally decided that food is totally over rated and i am glad to be back on LT.

you have lost alot of weight on this diet already and you should really get back onto it and get to that finishing line!.. you know that you can do it because the 21lb you have lost proves that you can do it!

be strong and get yourself back on track! its hard work the second or 3rd time round coz its never as exciting as the first time.. but you know the benefits of it so get going!!!! xx


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Sorry I cant help you, as I too am a food addict.
I would think your best bet would be to make an appt back at your pharmacist and have a start date. At least then you can start to focus on it totally again.
You have done it well before and I am sure once you get focused you will do it well again.
Good luck.

Foo Fan

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Hi Cabbez,

I'm in the exactly the same boat as you.. I done really well before xmas - done the re-feed.. Then went off the rails.. I tried to start back Mon and Tues - had my 2 shakes in work then ate when I got home..
I'm on day 2 now and it is much harder 2nd time around..
But if I can do it anyone can!!
Once you get through the first week you'll be fine - that what I keep thinking anyway lol..

Good luck


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Starting again is always tough - cos we know what to expect during the first few days!
Try 'shaming' yourself into getting motivated:

I took three pictures of myself from the front, side and behind and they are now slap bang on the front of the fridge in my kitchen! They are so embarrassing but are keeping my strong at the moment.

I also got my hubby to count every bar, packet of crisps etc in the kitchen so that he would know if i had cheated. (and trust me, i probably would have if i hadnt done that!)
That way, i knew that the embarrassment of being 'caught' would be worse then quitting the diet....

Good luck with getting started again......We're all here waiting to cheer you on!x


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Hiya babe,

I dont think there is one person on here who hasnt had that feeling. Think back to why ya started this diet in the first place and get yourself focused on your goal. Take some photos of yourself and stick them up everywhere, after a while ya will be fed up seeing yourself being the way ya are and it will be enough to make ya change and stick with it. We are always here as well to help ya through it, ya are never alone!! Gud luck hun and dont let it get ya down, move forward and start again, who cares if its the second time. It is a bit harder to get into second time around no denying that but we are here to have a moan at and vice versa, all the best


thanks everyone

i went back to the chemist yesterday afternoon and things weren't as bad as i thought. I have put some on but hey ho at least i am doing something about it. Its great knowing i can come on here and get such great support - thankyou all sincerely.
I have just had my first shake and i'm prepared for it to be tougher but i'm going to do it.