starting again from tomorrow!!!


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Just wondered if anyone else has lapsed over xmas?????
I am so ashamed of myself, I got back home today (been away over xmas) and it really hit home..........:eek:

I did LL for 5 weeks and lost 1 1/2 stone I decided to do CD and started 3 weeks ago, lost another 6lbs in my first week..... Trouble is I have had a two week gap and I am due to see my CDC tomorrow, I have had quite a few days off over xmas!!!!!!!

more days lapsed over the 2 weeks than not :mad::cry::sigh:

Any way I am going to tell my cdc tomorrow and I am giving it 100% I will stick to it 100% from now untill I am at my target of 8st 8lbs!

At my last weigh in 2 weeks ago I was 12st 3lbs

I am sure I will have gained over the past two weeks but now xmas is over I can concerntrate again.

I didnt cheat once on LL, but having time off work and xmas meals to go to etc i have been really weak:sigh:

No More Vodka!!! No More Food!!!

100% ss
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