Starting again today


One day at a time
Hi Everyone,

I'm starting LL again today. I lost 5 stone earlier this year and blew it by regaining 3 stone. Doh! :(

Starting again today, and looking forward to chatting with you all.

My main problem is I am a compulsive binge eater, and this is how I have regained.

xx:) xx
Hi Lumpy
You are amongst so many people like yourself !ME! for 1, I have yoyoed for 18 of my 37 years and I am doing LL day 12 :) ,well done on the 5 stones and at least 2 stayed off :D
You certainly arent loads of us here are the same as you and were all trying to change it :) we can change people here have!!!!HOW ARE YOU DOING TODAY?

Yeah, hungry, spaced out, but determined. Looking forward to ketosis.

Gonna beat this thing! :p
Hi babe.
Welcome to our happy bunch ,you are not alone babe we have all been there.I feel the easy part is lossing the weight the heard part then begians.
As you know from before drink lots.
You can do it you know that.
Hope day one goes well for you
Hi hun

You are definitely not alone!! Well done for getting back on track before putting ALL of it back on!!

I'm exactly like you with the bingeing and have put 9lbs on in the last week, it's sooooooooo easy to pile it all back on!

You'll be back on target in no time, and this time let's keep it off forever!!


No you don't need doctors consent, you just have to sign a return form with your counsellor, and have your usual 4 week checks if you are still ssing.

Hi !

you are definately not alone - I restarted CD yesterday after loosing 6 stone with LL/CD late last year early this year. I was going great guns till my holiday and then instead of getting back on track I continued my holiday - quickly gained 2 stone but back on track and almost at the end of my second day:)

Good luck - you've done it before and you can do it again....we all can:)

Good luck on your venture. You did it before and you will do it again. This is the first time I have been on LL. I am on day 21 and have never cheated. Going for weigh-in tonight but according to my scales I have lost 16lbs!!
well done for taking control...Im a serial regainer, I never take any action until Ive put on everything I lost and a bit extra.

Im starting ll tomorrow for the first time, so I will be eagerly awaiting keytosis with you