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Starting again...

Hi everyone,
I came across this site by accident earlier so I thought I'd give it a go.
I joined slimming world last year and after losing 20lbs I discovered I was pregnant so I gave up. I joined again when my son was born in July and was pleased to discover I had only gained 0.5lbs, however my heart wasn't in it and I gave up again. I joined for the third time this January and I'd gained 11.5lbs. I've so far managed to lose 10.5lbs but after a maintain last week I've felt a bit disheartened and I was ready to pack in again yesterday, however this morning i've somehow found the motivation to carry on.
Does anyone have any tips that help them stay motivated, I really don't want to give up and go back to my old eating habits.
Thanks Claire
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I am in the same boat as you I done slimming world before i had my daughter and lost 2stone. Since having my daughter 18 months ago I have tried doing slimming world several times but always end up giving up. I am so desperate to lose 3 stone and get back down to the weight i was before i fell pregnant. I cant exactly use the excuse I have just had a baby anymore she is 18 months old!!!!! I have now started slimming world again and I lost 2lbs not great but better than nothing, I was naughty yesterday as valentines day my partner treated me to an indian takeaway and I had some chocolate but feel really motivated this morning so fingers crossed I can stick to it. I hope his helps knowing you are not the only one. Well done on your weight loss this week its really good.
Hi sunshine and summer,
Thanks for the replies, I'm so glad I've found this site It's nice that there's a community for dieters, I think for people who aren't dieting I must sound so boring going on about my losses each week lol.

I am so glad I didn't give up I'm more determined than ever now. Good luck with both of your weight loss journeys your doing great
Claire xxx

I really admire you for your perservance, well done :)
Your losses are great, I had a nice surprise on the scales today, I'd lost 3lb. I've only been losing 1 a week for the past few weeks.
Do you work? If so what do you have for your lunches? I seem to be stuck in a rut of cheese triangles and ryvitas!
Hey hun,
well done thats a great weight loss.
I don't have a job I'm a fulltime mum, so I've always got the temptation of crisps and sweets. Do you like pasta with tuna and low fat mayonnaise? I always have that if i take a lunch with me anywhere, I usually make it up the night before and keep it in the fridge.
Keep up the good work
Claire xxx
Thanks Claire, that's a good idea. Easy to do the night before too :)
Temptation of goodies is the worst. Talking of which I'm round someones house at the mo and the interpreter who is with me has said to me that it is offensive to the family whose house I'm at if I don't eat the biscuits they've just brought out!
I've had 1 but that could easily lead to more, eek!
lol I always treat myself after weigh in so just look at it like that.

I had a chinese last monday night and thats far worse than a couple of biscuits, Hope its not affected my weigh in for tonight lol.
hi cazzym78 just want to say welcome to s/w and minimins well done losing 5lbs great loss :D hopefully that will keep u motivated :)
Exactly, I always have better weight losses if I have a treat early on in the week, If I don't I tend to have a pig out at the weekend and then I feel like a failure

Claire xxx
Managed another pound this week, I was a bit gutted at first but at least it's a pound in the right direction. Need another 5.5lbs to my club10 target so hopefully I should have that in a couple of weeks time if I work hard

Claire xxx
well done on ur loss hun :clap:

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