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Starting again

I joined slimming world last July. Went up until end of august and lost 12 pound.
I have decided after struggling with slimfast diet pills etc since I left that I'm going back but without the group. They cancelled the one closest to me and I have a baby so can't get to the next one which is 10 miles away.
I am getting married in 18 months have got my dress and need to lose 4 inches from my back. So I've taken that to be 4 stone. I'm not extremely active but I do walk 2 miles 3-4 times a week and with a baby that is nearly walking I spend a lot of my day running after him or cleaning the house!!!
I'm opting for extra easy. As I did that before and kept a diary. The first week I lost 6lb so I figured I'd eat the same and hopefully the weight will come off. When I joined last time I'd just had a c section so wasn't very mobile. Fingers crossed.
Starting weight - 13stone 2 pound.
Hoping end weight - 9 stone.
Weigh in on Tuesday mornings :)

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Hi Stephie, Congratulations on your wedding im sure you can do it by then! getting married is a great target to work towards. Iv been on plan for 3 months now, on EE, finding it ok, lost a stone so it must be working. how has your 1st day gone on plan? if you need any help you know where we all are! x
LornaGrace said:
Hi Stephie, Congratulations on your wedding im sure you can do it by then! getting married is a great target to work towards. Iv been on plan for 3 months now, on EE, finding it ok, lost a stone so it must be working. how has your 1st day gone on plan? if you need any help you know where we all are! x
Thank you. So I went to my mums this morning. She did lighter life a while back but not for long and had 13 days worth left. She knows I've been struggling to get past the 13stone Mark so has given it to me to do. I am starting on 30th April and it's my mums birthday on 13th may so finish just in time. She is 40 so we are having a party. I would love to be able to fit into my size 14 jeans. Also the Monday after mums birthday is my sons first birthday. If I could get down to 75kg I would be very happy.
So for now I'm going to eat sensibly and try to lose as much as I can and prepare myself for this 13 day blast. :-|

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Oh sounds good, did it work for your mum?
Iv herd of it before but not sure of what it involves, probably would do your body good to have a change and like you said may give you a boost. will you be carrying on with SW after the lighter life?
do you have a food diary on here? x
Mum lost about 10-12 pound in two weeks. But she likes to have a glass of wine in the evening so felt she was cheating.
After this I am going to add slimfast and an evening meal for probably a week then SW from there on!!
How much have you lost/got to lose?

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wow that would be a huge weight loss in such a short space of time, its good that you will be going back to SW to keep it off (and for the healthy eating). I have lost a stone and a half, im about halfway, so think i might loose another stone and a half. although ill probably stop where i feel most comfortable. it doesnt sound alot but im only 5ft so i look like i have more weight on me than i actually do - hope that made sence lol.
Where you mentioned before that you should loose 4 stone to loose 4 inches of your back, my consultant once said that 7pound is equal to one dress size, some people may vary, but i think you might notice its not as much as 4 stone!
Good luck with your weight loss and keep us posted on how you get on! xxx
Thats a good weight lose!! I know what you mean about your height I am only 5"3.. The 4 stone would take me down to 9stone 3 and think that would be a good weight. I am to be around 9 and half stone mainly for my wedding but also for my health and running around after my son but mainly so I feel comfortable being me.
When I first got together with my oh two years ago I was a size 12 went to the gym 3-4 times a week an was very happy. Then my car broke so I walked to work but couldn't get to the gym and without that I just couldn't get motivated. I also had my tonsils out then found out I was pregnant. Now I am a size 16 so I'd like to get back to a 12 by august maybe even a 10.
Am I being to ambitious? Or is it a realistic goal?

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you have around 15 weeks till august, if you manage 2 pound a week (which is really good) taking into account you might have good and bad weeks you could loose about 2 stone. so if you want to loose 4 stone in 18months thats very do-able i would say.
With this lighter life thing giving you a boost, probably quicker! x
I hope so. It's my birthday in august and all my family are coming to see me. I'd love to be able to look completely different when they come!!
Thank you for your support. I'll keep you updated on my weight loss. I've got new scales so will probably be on them everyday. Not the best thing I know but I'm hoping to see results xxx

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maybe you could start up a weight loss diary, in the sub forum, to help keep you on track.
yeah you shouldnt weigh yourself every day, but obvs thats up to you. i know i couldnt do it, i wouldnt get through the week. Just keep in mind that you weight can fluctuate daily so dont be too disheartened if the scales read a stay the same after say 2 days. for the most accuracy you should take your weekly reading to be the correct one!
keep us updated and id be interested to see how you get on with the lighter life! xxx
Sorry to butt into this thread, but are you doing Lighter Life, then doing slimfast and THEN doing Slimming World?

I think you need to ignore LL and SF and just get right on with SW, as your body isnt going to know whether its coming or going with all that change.

Short term LL will make the weight drop off, but if you then swap to SF/SW the chances are you wont retain that huge loss.

My personal view would be to just do SW, it may be a little slower for losses, but for a long term solution it is the best out of the 3 - esp if you are switching between them all in a short space of time.

I am not telling you what to do - end of the day, you can ignore this post - but i think what you are planning to do sounds a little zany.

I know I shouldn't and I'm going away on Friday till Monday then again Thursday back on Sunday when I start lighter life. So I'll weigh myself Sunday then try my best to do it only once a week!!

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The slimfast is so I don't just pile on the weight and to slowly introduce food again!

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I am doing lighter life from 30th April. I have family parties this weekend and next and don't want them all to know what I am doing

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I know you can. But for the past few months I haven't been able to get past 13 stone. So I am doing this to give me a push

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Strutting her stuff
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You're only doing the LL for 13 days aren't you (saw your post in another forum)? And how long will you be doing Slimfast before you move to SW? I can't see how what you are planning to do is going to work to be honest. I know you are keen to get the boost of a big loss to set you off but I would worry this is really going to screw with your metabolism.
Well I'm going to do it. If it works it works if it doesn't you can all say I told you so can't you

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