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Starting again


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Hello all!

Have started the diet again this week (am on day three) after falling off the wagon big style after xmas...managed to lose about 7 lbs but put it all back on and then some, although not exactly sure how much I weigh as the battery has gone on the scales...lol...though I know i'm heavier as none of my jeans fit me again, oh how I miss my skinny jeans, sob sob!:cry:

Anyway, am calorie counting and ramping up the exercise, I love running so am trying to pick that up more regularly, as well as re-starting the 30 day shred. It's going really well at the mo, I have MyFitnessPal on my Iphone which is an invaluable tool for calorie counting and keeps me on track!

So far today I've had my Special K (weighed out obviously, but doesn't 30g look like such a piffling amount!?!). Am trying to drink plenty of water but I'm not a fan of it, I think my body is starting to reject it haha! Am thinking scrambled egg on toast or a small jacket potato with tuna for lunch. Yummy!

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Im starting again tomorrow aswell!! :(

My life is one loong diet lol.

Im off on holiday in 3 weeks and actually dreading it x


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I'm starting again on Tuesday, my hubby is off work till then and we are going out drinking today so I know I will be eating and drinking everything in sight till Tuesday, so my new start day is Tuesday 4th of may and I want as much weight off before my hols at the end of July:)) so I hope I can stick to it this time I've had so many start dates and always fail:-((.x
Hi there I started calorie counting a few weeks ago and also have myfitnesspal, it's amazing!! It knows everything!! Im aiming to lose 23lb and am currently 9st 11lb after my 3rd child!! I've started up running 3 times a week and been calorie counting but nothing has come off :( not sure what's going on?? Luckily my partner is a cage fighter and is cutting weight for an upcoming fight so he's also doing it with me :) good luck to everyone!!! Everything in moderation eh!!! X


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welcome back

i stopped having cereal lol it just wasn enough

so now i have one slice of wholemeal toast with a poached egg and maybe some grilled mushrooms and tomatoes

keeps me going a good 3/4 hrs

Hey, good idea, I love egg but always assume it's full of calories!! I live pancakes 4 breakfast but they arnt great!! Cereal is irritating cus it doesn't fill u up but has a surprising amount of calories!! I didn't realise what was in some stuff until I've recently looked, now I feel sorry 4 my body for the abuse lol!! X

The Moog

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Eggs are around 90 calories when poached (depends on the size of egg!)

We have chickens, so eat eggs quite a bit!

Good luck to everyone restarting :)


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Well done for starting again and good luck on your weight loss journey.


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good luck - i restarted a few weeks ago then last week had a few blow outs so its a fresh start again. i also use my fitness pal


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Welcome back - good luck! And well done for choosing to get back on the wagon :)

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