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Starting again!


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I've been a long time lurker, and this site has helped me so much i decided it was time to join up!

3 years ago i lost 5 stone, going from 17st 3lbs to just over 12st. I felt fantastic but i did some things along the way that i am not proud of (skipping meals, eating less than a 1000cals a day etc). Suffice to say the weight has slowly but surely crept back on and now i am nearly back where i started!

I have done slimming world in the past and lost weight doing it, but im impatient and thought the weight should come off quicker so off i went and did my own stupid ways to lose weight!

Anyway, a week ago i stepped on the scales and was horrifed to see 17st flash up.:cry: So from that moment i decided to do things the right way! I joined up online (as with my work i have to work when clients want treatments so cant commit to meetings at the mo) and as a friend goes to meetings i knew id have support and also be able to pinch her books and stuff if i needed!

So as my first week is nearly over i thought id pop by and say hi. It hasnt been an easy week, its hard to say goodbye to some old habits, but i think im doing ok.

Oh and thanks to all members, i have been reading a lot in the past week and you are all a great help and real inspiration. I just hope that i can make it work for me!

Can i just ask, what do you guys do if you get a craving? Do you go for a walk, try and do something else, give in? At the moment my self control and will power isnt turned on! Need to get into the habit of doing something if i feel myself craving something i shouldnt!

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Hi Lisa I'm a newbie to this site too. And I'm the same as u in that the weight can never come off quick enough. I've tried VLCD's, evey slimming club under the sun, u name it. But I am still at the same weight I started at due to yo yoing with all them diets. So slimming world is going to be a lifestyle change for me. I'm not going to panic about how long it takes me to get there, it's more about me having a better relationship with food along with healthy eating and exercise. And if I carry it through I know the weight will come of at a healthy pace.

As to what to do when u get a craving....I'm still trying to master that one. But coming on here and reading all the lovely motivational posts would definitely help. Other than that to try to keep myself out of the fridge I would paint my nails, take a bath, or dive into a good book. When i do things like that it's as if I'm rewarding myself for good behaviour lol.

Good luck in ur weight loss journey. Look forward to reading ur posts :) xx


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I think it depends what you are craving...if it's something within syns...have it! If it's not then just have a little of it,...,good luck with SW x that 17 will be a distant memory soon x


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good luck. i have rejoined and started sw on monday. i looking forward to sharing this journey with you
I could have written that post myself! good luck for the rest of your journey!


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I'm not doing so well at mastering the cravings but I reckon it is practice and will come with time. At the moment I am trying not to beat myself up if I do give into the craving and I just get right back on the plan.

I like the idea of reading a book when a craving strikes....I am loving my kindle at the moment so have plenty of books to distract me.

Good luck Lisa82, you can do it!


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S: 18st7.5lb C: 17st4.5lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 1st3lb(6.55%)
Thanks guys.

My cravings arent too bad at the mo, but i hate to admit that when i get a craving i cant stop. I can never just have a square of chocolate, the whole bar has gone before i know it! haha. I may try reading a book/magazine see of that works :)

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