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Discussion in 'Strugglers and Restarters' started by mazipan1983, 21 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. mazipan1983

    mazipan1983 Member

    Hi im maz! Im starting again for the umpteenth time! I want to lose weight but sometimes I just lose track or lose the will and focus! I ask people to kick me into touch if I cheat but no-one does!
    I lost weight before but I had so much support and encouragement which was a massive help but now I dont have that support system and I feel like im gonna fail! I want something to change for my little boy but I need encouragement so im gonna do my shopping and start again! I just hope I can make some friends on here and get to my goal! X
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  3. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    hi mazipan1983

    good luck on your weight journey x x x:D
  4. YOMO

    YOMO Member

    Good luck x
  5. Bea

    Bea Back on the wagon!

    Yeah…best of luck. Back on the wagon a week now and feeling good!!
  6. Luciiiloo

    Luciiiloo Full Member

    Hi I am starting yet again at 13.3 this morning, haven't started on diet yet going to finish off all bad food in cupboard and start next week but one positive thing is that finally I have started exercising. Been cycling twice now, did 13 miles at weekend and another 16 miles today. It was tough but getting there, before the cycling I did two or three weeks of jogging. None of it is easy but hopefully will have some benefit.
    One thing I started doing was having massive portions, so I have cut my portion size down and ALL I have left to do is drop the goodies. But I am literally addicted to sugar. I love crisps, sweets and chocolate !!!!!!! Today I had malt loaf for breakfast and lunch oh and two small cookies and a few crisps and for dinner I had chicken, brown rice and ratatouie but then gave in to the damn goodie cupboard to crisps and chocolate !!!!!! How do you get rid of the sugar cravings xxx
  7. Tina0709

    Tina0709 Member

    I just stared two days ago! I understand everything u said!
    Minimins will hopefully help out. I've been whatsapp a friend every meal choice and my daily allowance etc x and she is doing the same x

    hope u get on good this time, I'll pop back on this laters x
  8. Luciiiloo

    Luciiiloo Full Member

    Ok so woke up and due to eating so much sugar yesterday even though I did a mammoth cycle ride I stayed the same weight.....annoying, chucked out the dairy milk in cupboard had a bit of malt loaf with minimal butter and cuppa tea for breakfast and off shopping for the day with a positive head on. Hopefully will get back in time to go swimming but not sure .......
  9. myvlcdtime

    myvlcdtime Member

    Good luck on your journeys :)
  10. Luciiiloo

    Luciiiloo Full Member

    Soooooo annoyed with myself my inner sugar craving demon made me have a few sugary snacks today BUT not as many as normal ..... Maybe I should start writing a food diary x

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