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starting Cambridge on Sat & I'm scared!

Hi ladies,
I am getting married 22/09/07, yay!

I ordered my dress a few months ago and as i didn't want to order it in a bigger size and pay a bit more I ordered it in a size where it is too small for me at my current weight. I would say I need to loose a stone to a stone and a half for it to fit me comfortably.
This was all fine a few months ago but surprise surprise i still weigh the same today as i did when I ordered it, and it supposed to be in mid July!
I really dont want the embarassment of going to try it on and it not fitting, and i've seen how well some of you girls are doing on the VLCD's so I'm giving it a try!
I got to meet the woman and get my shakes on thurs but i'm not going to start till saturday as i dont want to be at work the first few days!
wish me luck!

p.s. anyone got any advice to make it easier, and to stick with it?
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Hi princesskatie

Good luck with the diet, i am starting cambridge tomorrow for my wedding on 19/01/08.( are you excited about your wedding yet or are the nerves taking over )

I cant offer any advice yet but this forum has so many inspirational people on it that if you find your struggling log on and take your mind off eating.

Let us know how you get on and good luck

Andria xx
thanks Andria,
I am getting nervous now!
I am getting to the stage where things are being finalised now and its a bit scary, but its also really exciting!!


The Diet Guy
Hiya Katie

My main advice is to drink water and stick to it 110% and it really is a very quick transformation.

Also if it was me I would start while you are at work as it means you have something to take your mind off of it, can be harder at a weekend if you are trying to relax without food.

thanks for the advice mike.
I've tried it a few time before but never got further than 4 weeks. I am determined this time to make it work!
I thought it would be easier to start on sat as i remember having headaches and stuff feeling funny so thought it would be better?
I get the stuff on thurs night so i'll start friday instead!

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