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Starting CD soon - really nervous!!

I was definitely nervous! But excited nervous!! I would also say fascinated, scared, excited, enthusiastic and focussed.

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Welcome to Minis! And YES I was very nervous along with excited and hopeful.

Good luck and be sure to let us know how you are getting on xx
You'll be fine - any change we make is nerve-wracking but CD is so worth it

It is a nerveracking as you put a lot of pressure on yourself to suceed but the best thing to do is take it one day at a time.
Good luck and let us know how you get on


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I was nervous to begin with, I couldn't even call the CDC at first! But I have to say I'm so glad I did.
Now I'm not dropping half stones at a time like some, but the weight is coming off, unlike on other diets I've tried. (I've not got loads to lose though in comparison, so thats likely why.)

Prepare for it to be like a rollercoaster, an exciting build up, likely followed by a drop (The first week is hard at times.) then that high you get when you know you've done it and it wasn't so scary in the end!
like you im due to start soon all bieng well.
im nervous , but excited that im finally doing something.
when are you due to start ?
with us starting at the same time (roughly), we could support each other.
ive started the prep today, carrying my water bottle around everywhere, its like having another baby ! as a result i have developed a close friendship with the loo. im thinking of moving the tv up there , it has to be easier.
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I'm restarting today having just seen a horrendous photo of myself at a party last weekend and can't belive I've let myself get this big
so feel really nervous that i'll find I can't stick to it again as I desperately don't want another photo looking like that.

Though this time I do feel more motivated and prepared mentally so hope to succeed (photo is safely stored in my wallet as a constant reminder).
The before and after photos on here are really motivating too so will be looking at them whenever I feel a wobble approaching. I'm mainly nervous as I do all the cooking in my house and have found that the hardest part previously, so this time i've made a list of food/meals that I can give or take and i'm going to cook them this week for the family - that way I won't care i'm not eating.

Good Luck with it all - it would be great to hear how you're doing



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i woz very nervous. u will do great.


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I didnt find the weighing in or the diet itself as nerve wracking as I knew my weight already and my CDC was very good on the phone, as well in the flesh.

I have found some of it hard going, but I am sticking with it and trying to visualise myself thinner and how I may look come Xmas.

But good luck anyway, hunny - think you are on the right track :)

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