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Starting CD SS+ today

Well here it goes. I have 4 stone to lose and hubby has 6 stone to lose so we have decided to do SS+ (200 mls of skimmed milk). Going to start this morning with porridge and have soups for lunch and tea and a shake in the evening. Our CDC recommended we both do 4 replacement meals is that what most of you are doing or are you doing 3 replacement meals.
We both are really determined to do this but it will be a hard journey for both of us! But with all your support and inspiration i'm sure we will do it.:)
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Ooo good luck, it should be easier for you as you have someone to support and watch you, also you don't have to cook for hubby, unless you have kids?

I'm on three shakes a day as i'm only 5'5. I'm starting my fourth day now, and so far so good, i have only found that i don't like the cappuccino (made me vomit) or vanilla. Haven't tried all the flavours yet. I found it easiest to order one of each flavour and try them all for myself.

Good luck to you and your hubby :)
hi this one realy works its easy to follow there are lots of people in your area who do it i visit warminster /westbury regular ,i think my cdc covers part of this area stay away from the three horseshoes mal cafes ,best of luck to you both with your journey(cd)
hey good luck and welcome!
i currently have just the three shakes a day as 5'3. women generally have four packs if they are taller, but thats for SS, so not too sure about SS+.
Good luck though, you and your husband can motivate each other, but this forum is also amazing!
Hey Millij,
We have a similar amount of weight to lose! I'm wishing to lose between 4 and 5.5 stones (i know, big difference!)
I am on day 5 now, it is going well.
Good luck for your CD! Heres to a slimmer 2009 summer (i plan on actually wearing summer clothes!!)
hi, if your on SS+ then you have 4 packs a day regardless of height,
good luck!
I am 5ft 3 and on ss+, I find 4 shakes much better TBH more out of habit of 'feeding times' lol

I wish you and your hubby all the best:D

I was told that if you are under 5 foot 8 and a woman then you have 3 packs, if you're male then 4 packs regardless.

for this you NEED to have doctors siggy's.
hi sorry i was wrong, i just found a book i havnt even read yet with my packs from CDC
it says for SS+ .....3 packs plus 200kcal meal,
or 4 packs and 200mls skimmed milk.

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