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Starting Celb Slim asap

Hello Ive ordered my starter pack of celebrity slim :D
Ive done Cd and LL its the non eating that was hard for me so CS ''seems'' better here?
It was dispatched today from rowlands so Monday i hope I can start.........
Anyone done a full week yet wondered what you ate and what it was like and what your losses are although I know were all dif just being nosey?
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i just started cs today, the shakes are lovely and i felt full, found it a bit hard after tea time because i usually snack on junk when im watching the tele, i just drank water and it soon passed
hiya thats me done a full week although im not weighing till sunday maybe even monday as thats when i got the scales.

i found the first week quite easy, no horrid side affects except a headache on day 1/2, im starting to feel more hungry now but im following the rules so i dont see it as a problem i know im getting everything i need from the shakes and snacks.

im struggling a bit for dinner ideas, i like meat but not every day lol so im having more salad than anything, stir fry is a good one as its a hot meal. other than that its chicken/pork chops etc with a pile of veg.


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I picked up my 2nd lot of shakes last night & the pharmacist mentioned a CS recipe book they had just in... I didn't buy it coz

a) I'm a bloke, we don't do instructions
b) I'm quite comfortable knowing what I'll be eating / snacking on

Mebbes worth lookiing for next time you stock up ?

Or google GI / Atkins recipes (essentially are you after are low carb / cal recipes) :)
I started last Sunday, so it will be a full week by the end of today. I started at 19 stone 9 and weighed in this morning at 18 stone 13, so 10lbs off! I have been fairly open minded about what to eat. I snakc on a handful of nuts, pear, cheese (30g), ham (couple of slices with salad), boiled egg, tuna mayo in lettuce leaves or cauli with grated cheese. not all at once obviously!!! :)
My evening meals are usually chicken and veg/stir fry or steak and a nice sauce. Having an omelette tonight.


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That's great losses Lexi :D Well done you to you & your husband :)


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My official weigh in is on Mon morning but I weighed myself on fri and had lost 8 pounds. Have posted that and what I ate on the thread 'interim loss'.

Good luck

good luck when you get started. My parcel was dispatched last monday (Rowlands) and I am still waiting. Getting a bit annoyed as I was looking forward to starting now I am not so sure.

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