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  1. dizzy40

    dizzy40 Full Member

    (I have just moved this from celebrity slim forum as dont think anyone is there! Hope this is ok?!)

    I really do not think anybody is about on this forum anymore but after a five year break (and the bad news is I am exactly the same weight!!) I am starting CS tomorrow and I wanted to keep a daily log and have decided to do it on here away from friends and family where I can be totally open and honest.

    I am 45, live with my partner and son in the UK and have about 5-6 stone to lose. Will weigh myself in the morning on day 1. I am about 18'7. I am 5'11 and would be very happy at 14 stone. I have done CS before for a few weeks but fell off wagon but in last five years I have really enjoyed doing low carb (atkins/harcombe) but have lost sod all weight. This time I HAVE TO DO IT. I have been overweight since I was about 24 and massively overweight for last 6 years or so. I am size 22. :mad: I hate it and it affects my moods and confidence so much. I sometimes suffer with depression (I was on tablets but felt well enough to come off them) and I know the main reason is my weight, hate it!

    A few things are going to help me with my weight loss:
    I am reading "The Secret" and its so good for getting you in the right frame of mind for dieting and feeling good. Will be dipping into that a lot.
    Will be using "Becks diet solution" also as a support for my diet journey
    I am really going to work off this all or nothing approach I have. When I cheat I wont throw the diet in - if you smashed a bottle of beer out of a six pack you wouldn't throw the rest in the bin would you?! A blip doesnt ruin a diet.

    Ok enough ramblings for now. We are out for tea tonight for nieces birthday - going to have a carb fest!!! Later or In the morning I will be back!! I hope to find some buddies on here as seems easier to do it in numbers!!

    Diz x
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  3. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Good luck Diz with CS...I am in the same boat as yourself...totally frustrated and fed up carrying this weight around...I am 5' 3"... 17st and a tight 22...hoping to lose 7st and keep it off this time.

    I have the Beck book gathering dust somewhere I must dig it out...

    I am on my second day of Lipotrim it is similar to CS with shakes but without the food allowance.

    Enjoy your nieces birthday tonight...I had a last supper before I started:)
  4. Maria

    Maria Was born to shop

    Good luck Dizzy!
  5. dizzy40

    dizzy40 Full Member

    Thanks ladies! Mini hope day 2 has gone well for u xx
  6. tangerine12

    tangerine12 Full Member

    Hi dizzy

    We are all here for the same give and receive support whatever ur goals are. I was 18.5stone and bursting out of my size 22s. I even owned a pair of size 24 trousers at one point so I know how u feel. I hated myself and I remember I was to go on a leaving night and I decided to buy something new and nice...and I could not find a thing at all. I ended up with a baggy vest and thought to dress up with nice chunky jewellery. But imagine my horror when the venue had tables and chairs actually screwed to the ground and I couldn't fit in the seat. Thats when I knew I had to change. I'm 16stone now but I've not been able to get below that and I keep putting on and losing the same 10lbs. I few wks ago I was 16st 9lbs. I am sure u will find ur way and do well. I'll look forward to reading how ur getting on x
  7. dizzy40

    dizzy40 Full Member

    Oh tangerine12 - been there - could write a book on embarrassing fat situations from Alton Towers and the belt not fastening to changing rooms and being stuck in a top! You have done fab - I would be so happy to be 16 stone. For many years 16'4 was my max weight - I never went beyond it until I sped past it a few years ago and its been down hill and fatter ever since.

    So, back to my diary... all ready to start tomorrow. Got lots of meat in freezer and will shop tomorrow to get everything I need. I am feeling like a right old woman cos I went to hobbycraft today and bought a crochet hook, wool and a baby blanket pattern... I have not crocheted for 20 years but I intend to crochet like crazy every time I want to eat!!! I started it tonight and it totally chilled me out!

    I need to dig out my becks diet book and re read day 1 and am going to read some of the secret in the morning. I have a small home based business so am here all day.

    Tomorrow my food plan is:
    9am shake
    1130am 30g cheese
    2pm shake
    4pm apple
    6pm chicken wrapped in bacon stuffed with low fat philly with roasted veg
    8pm Strawberries

    2 litres of water as a minimum


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