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Starting Exante and a bit about myself

Hello everyone

I'm a male, 27, from Huddersfield. I'm a taxi driver. Current weight is 310lbs, height 6"1 (or 6"2, not sure lol). I've been overweight all my life.

I'm getting married in mid October so that gives me about 5 months to lose as much weight as possible. Just wanted to ask the members here (in particular guys) what sort of weight I can expect to lose in this period.

As I drive taxi, a sedentary occupation, my fitness level is non-existent. So I wanted to know please if I'll still be able to lose weight even though I'll be driving my taxi most of the time and then going home and sleeping (a vicious circle).

I've been lurking for a few weeks reading up about this diet and reading people's diaries and success stories but I'm forever pessimistic about myself.
I really want to lose 5-6 stone in the next 5 months. Is this achievable considering my lifestyle?

Also, keeping in mind the fat is spread all over my body, if I lose 5 stone will I still look very fat or look like a slightly overweight person what with the height? And is there such a thing as being 'big-boned'? Reason I ask is because I sometimes think that if I lose a considerable amount of weight I'll still look big, which I don't want because I want to look lean.

I'm sorry, my first post got a tad long and so many questions but I really want to do this diet with the right frame of mind and some motivation for the end result.

All replies are appreciated.

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Hello, I don't see why 5 stone wouldn't be achievable. Take pictures & measurements of yourself cause your going to be shocked. I thought I had a big frame cause I've always been big but it is shrinking everyday. Good luck xo

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Hi and welcome,

I to am around your height and weigh 266 at the moment just started this morning and hoping to shift around 5 stone.

Approaching this with an open mind as i don't exercise a lot, i don't know were the weight is going to go from.

good luck.


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Hi there, I'm a male aswell, around 6" and I sit in an office all day so I don't have a very active job either, I do cycle to and from work though which is 10 miles a day so I suppose that helps a bit, but I lost 14lbs in my first week, and I've heard that men lose more than women averaging around a stone and half a month, but the first week is the hardest, I struggled for the first few days and weekend was a KILLER but once that is out of the way it gets easier, I feel great pretty much all the time now, so something is definitely working!
Hey and welcome to minis and to the exante family!

Could you fit in a few mins exercise a day? Exante recommends just 20mins a day, so a short walk or jogging on the spot would be fine.
Although I dont think doing no exercise will affect your losses really, having so few calories means you will lose weight no matter what.

Good luck. x
Hi yorkie dude
As all the other posts have said- men do very well and have bigger losses than us. If you stick to it 100% you'll be at your goal weight in no time. If you've not got time for gym have you got a wii or xbox at home? Maybe 20 mins of exercise on that?
I've done CD before and went from 22st to 16st - I don't know how it works but your body losses go all over. I was still big but no hanging skin or larger bits it all seemed to even out. That's why others have said do measurements as each month you'll seem them go down - half inch is still a reduction! As you lose weight it might spur you on to build in some exercise. Drink plenty water and make sure you got a toilet near you. It takes while for the peeing to reduce.
Wishing you the best and make sure you come on here for support - it will keep you going! :D

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Don't see why you couldn't get those losses.

I am 6'3' and 260 and my official weigh in is tomorrow - first few days were hard but I have settled into a routine now

Good Luck


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Great to see the Mini-Men on here! ;) You're all going to be at goal weight in no time by virtue of the fact that you're male!!! If you stick to the diet 100% Yorkie Dude the weight will drop off you and after the first week you'll be brimming with energy, you may want to start exercising once you get to that place! Best of luck Yorkie and all the Minimen! x


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As a bloke you should be able to get to goal in the time you have indicated. Drink plenty of water as, particularly at the start, this helps with any detox headaches and lightheadedness from the elimination of carbs from the diet and the introduction of the vitamins and nutrients from the shakes.

The first few days can be hard but you have wonderful motivation - you are getting married - congratulations! So stay focussed and before you know it (and generally within the first 5 - 7 days) you will be well into the swing of things and going great guns for that first weigh in!

Best of luck!
Just echo what everyone else says here mate you WILL achieve that goal no problem but only if you stick to it ?

I started LL two years ago ( essentially the same diet but you had weekly meetings as well) - I am male just under 6ft and weighed the best part of 18 stone and lost around 4 stone in far less than the timeframe you are talking about.

The weight stayed off for around a year but then I gradually put weight back on again and here I am (was) at 17 10 - I started Exante last Monday and have lost around a stone and want to get to around 15 1/2 - start eating "proper" food again (but with reduced carbs) and do exercise and then get down to 14 stone over a period of time.

Strangely enough I KNOW I will get down to 15 1/2 on Exante as it is simply the case of staying on the diet until it happens but it is what happens after that is the hard bit ? I don't blame the diet at all for me putting the weight back on last time and the truth is that I just went back tot he same old habits of take aways , over eating etc etc.

For me ( and I think a lot of us are similar) these type of diets are ideal as it takes away the "pressure" of what can I / can't I eat and how much ? With this there are no grey areas in that it is very simple and the good thing is if you stick to it then it 100% works ? The hard parts are of course sticking to it and then changing your lifestyle but I can assure you that if you do the fist part then you will lose a LOT of weight !!!!!


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Congrats on the wedding :D. Men (the b*stards) lose much quicker so I'm sure it will be no problem in that time scale IF you stick to it.

I don't really exercise and have a fairly sedentary lifestyle - I don't think it makes too much difference but it IS a consideration when you need to maintain your losses.

When I first lost 4 stone on VLCD I was shocked to overhear, for the first time in my life, someone describe me as "the little one from the guidance department". Everyone usually has bits that they don't like (my stomach never seems to be flat no matter how much I lose) but you will be surprised at how different you will look when you lose (and I have had weight problems since 17).
I thought all men followed the "stop eating white bread for a week and lose a stone" diet ;)

Welcome, and you'll look fab on your wedding day!
Hi guys,

Thanks to everyone who have written words of encouragement and advice.

Hey and welcome to minis and to the exante family!

Could you fit in a few mins exercise a day? Exante recommends just 20mins a day, so a short walk or jogging on the spot would be fine.
Although I dont think doing no exercise will affect your losses really, having so few calories means you will lose weight no matter what.

Good luck. x
I'm thinking of buying a stationary bike and do probably half an hour exercise everyday.
Is the exercise bike a good way to burn calories, because out of all the exercises, I enjoy this the most and I feel I can stick to it.



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I have an exercise bike and I love it, you can watch tv or read while using it hehe.

Congrats on the wedding, I did it in August and its ace :) I'm sure you'll lose in that time, maybe even more. Good luck man, start a diary in the diaries sub forum if you feel like you need support, or a rant, everyone here's lovely :) x


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It's not THE absolute best for burning calories but I think that is outweighed by the fact that you feel you would like to do it and be able to do it! You could get a machine that burns more calories and never use it...so I'd say if you feel you would do it and stick to it, get one x


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far better to do exercise which you enjoy rather than make yourself do something you dont..one you wll stick with, the other you wont x

good luck and you will be fine.

h x

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