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Starting in a couple of days.......

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Well Its only a couple of days until I begin my LL journey and my journey back to the old me.

I was always the skinny one, and after I had my first son I managed to loss all the weight and more very easily.However after having my second son I have just gained and gained weight. I actually weigh more today than I did was I was 9 months pregnant!! I am totally ashamed and disgusted with what I have turned myself into. I just want to be ME again!! I went out on Friday night with my friends, I used to be the girl looking great, dressed in lovely clothes and dancing about on the middle of the dance floor loving the attention, however I was the girl head to toe in black sitting in the corner with her MASSIVE bag hiding her tummy. I didn't really talk to people in the pub and just felt like everyone was talking about how BIG i had got. Its not so much about how I look, its how I feel about myself I just don't know who I am and I dread meeting people and going anywhere, that's just not me! I just want my sparkle back!

I would like to lose 5 stone. I would love to feel like the old me again! I beleive LL will help me reach that dream.

I would never have considered LL had I not come on here and read and seen all the great achievements.

Just wondered if you had togive me 1 tip to get thru the first week what it be? I want to be prepared.

PS: My plan to cut carbs this week was a disaster I have eaten and eaten all week, think I just needed to get it out of my system. A ruff start ahead I think!!
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I know how you feel Emski, i have for the last 7 years been the big girl, and my confidence is not great, tho i have good friends for going out socialising weight does not come into a connversation, they just see me as the big shy one.
But i have been on this for 5 days now.I must say the first few days was hard, as long as you stick to it, and do not listen to the demons in your head, you will be fine. Think im over the worst, it was quite a withdrawal, but the gals n guys on here and wonderful, that you will stick to it. I have been watching my hubby lose weigh every day, it is falling off him, and my 5 day i have noticed i have had a loss in myself with out stepping on scales....YOU CAN DO IT, WE CAN DO IT, AND ALOT OF PEOPLE HAVE DONE IT.
Be strong, we are all here in the same boat and everyone with encourage you with there sweet words.
Good luck on your beautiful slim journey!
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Just wondered if you had togive me 1 tip to get thru the first week what it be? I want to be prepared.

Well, firstly - approach this with the most positive attitude you can muster. You WILL lose those 5 stone. No doubt about it. And you WILL get your sparkle back. I was the same as you - always in black, always hiding. Think most of us were. :( But - that will change and you will come back. One day, early on you will look in the mirror and you will see the old you looking back. Its a WONDERFUL feeling.

Expect the worst, and then be pleased with the best. Find things to keep occupied and distracted. Always have water nearby and drink loads - will keep the initial hunger pangs at bay.

Take some Paracetomol if you start feeling rough.

Remind yourself over and over again: You are not giving up food forever - you are just relearning nutrition habits, etc. This is ONLY temporary - and merely a blink of an eye in time.

Plan some time to rest for the days you feel low. Lost of bubble baths and the like saw me through.

And keep on the forum!! Look at the slideshow alot for motivation.

Really, I think the very best and lasting tool to see you through this entire diet is simply BE POSITIVE. Find a positive in everything - even if you don;t like the taste of the food - see it as super convenient, or something positive. Negative thinking can derail anyone.

You can do this Emz, and you have been waiting to get started - so dive in, head first and get on that road to being a yummy mummy!!!!!

You CAN do this! You WILL do this!! :) :)


S: 13st12lb C: 11st8lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 2st4lb(16.49%)
I WILL DO IT!!!! lol Thanks you guys.

BL - I have been reading your blog post and its such an inspiration, you've been on some journey. I have to say its quite strange reading about you starting out, your such a pro now its easy to forget you were a newbie less than a year ago!

This is it for me its not about trying it, I am starting it and not giving up, it will be my new life and to be honest ill be glad to turn my back on food, its such a demon when it get hold of you. Ive been waking up just thinking m what will I have for breakfast, where can I go for lunch, what take out for dinner and when thinking about this I'm wandering about the kitchen looking for snacks. I don't expect it to be easy but I know i am ready for this.

What can I take for headaches when on LL? I get quite alot od sore heads, I actually think its too do with Coke, I don't drink hot drinks AT ALL apart from hot choc so i get my caffenie kick from Coke, and lots of it. Ill also be glad to stop drinking it I might sleep better!! Can I take Nurofen?

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