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Starting Lighterlife Tomorrow!! Nervous and Excited!!


To be honest my LLC not very helpful. Seems a bit disorganised to me. I might be being a bit mean. But I left 3 messages and 2 e-mails before she got in touch with me. I have resigned myself to starting on 28th . Have got my eating under control today. No longer feel the need to stuff my face with anything I can lay my hands on! Just making sure I keep popping into this site and being inspired and amazed at peoples progress.

DQ x
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What a brilliant diet, I have just been for my pop in weigh after being on LL for 2 days and I have lost an amazing 9.4lbs. My daughter has also had an amazing loss of 9.6lbs in three days. So we are both over the moon at the moment. Obviously we know that this is not going to continue but it is such a morale boost to start with. Cant wait now for the weekly weigh in.
Well done thats a terrific weight loss:wow::party0011::party0011::party0011:

I only managed that after a whole week.:jelous:

Keep us updated and yes I think its a brilliant diet too, have spent most of my adult life on one diet or another (I'm now 43) and this time it is working.:D
Thanks very much, I have been on diets all my life too and I'm a bit older than you and, I dont know if you are the same, but I just end up bigger and bigger.

This time is so important to me because I want to do it with my daughter for her wedding. She gained all her weight when she went to university and then this last year she has been living with her lovely boyfriend and they are so happy that she has just piled on the weight, she is a very good cook!! But now that the wedding is planned we so want to do it together and look good for the wedding.

So far I havent found it too difficult I am actually quite enjoying the shakes and soups, not allowed to eat the bars yet, and I am managing to drink all the water. Just every now and then I have a feeling of loss and disappointment that I cant have something nice to eat, but it soon passes. I even managed to cook Sunday lunch for the family today and my daughter and I had our soups. Didnt think I had so much willpower!! Hope it lasts!!
A friend I used to work with did the diet early this year with her daughter ready for her son's wedding in July. Like us I think she had struggled with her weight for many years and her daughter had lost a lot a few years ago with Atkins but I think she had relationship problems and regained her weight. They were both very succesful and had reached their goals at the end of foundation. When I saw her daughter for the first time after she had finished I didn't recognise her the transformation was amazing. As a treat they went on a shopping holiday to Florida, my friend is now a very slim size 12 and thoroughly enjoying it I think. I guess they both looked fantastic at the wedding.

When I first started I think I did similar to you on my first Sunday, my eldest daughter and her boyfriend were visiting from London and I made a lovely lunch for everyone, chicken, Salad, New Potates, Potatoe Salad, Hardboiled eggs and lovely crusty ciabatta rolls and I sat and had a Strawberry Shake with lots of crushed ice. There have also been various other occasions including my Mums 65th Birthday, we all went out to a chinese restaurant and I just had some crips made from a soup pack and biscuits made from a fruit bar along with numerous bottles of sparkling water. I felt so good afterwards when everyone else had overeaten and over indulged on the alcohol, it was funny being able to watch them all making fools of themselves.

I'm sure you will both be fine the extra support at home will be good.:)
Hi Sandra, me and my Mum are on this diet together (despite living 200 miles apart!) and the support is fantastic despite the negativity of the rest of our family. I think its fantastic to have an LL buddy (as well as minimins!) who really understand what this program is like in a way that even the most understanding friends don't. We are 10 weeks in and feeling fantastic! I wish both you and your daughter every success in your LL journey and know that you will look amazing at the wedding! Kerrie x
Thanks Kerri and BonT

It is great to hear that other people are doing well, it really gives you inspiration. Gosh Kerri fancy you and your Mum living so far apart and being on the diet together, how often do you get to see each other? The weight loss is so fast I bet you notice a real difference every time you get together.

I am very lucky because my work colleague is in the same group as me on a Thursday night and my daughter goes to the group on a Wednesday, so we all support each other because as you say nobody else really understands why you are doing it and how important it is to you. My Dad even gave me some windfalls off his apple tree the night of my first meeting and asked me to make a pie!!!! (I did of course but I did think "oh my God"!!)

But like you Back on Track I think you suddenly find an inner strength from somewhere to resist temptation. There are so many social events in your life and you cant stay at home all the time, so we have to learn to cope with them. I am going to an evening wedding reception on Saturday but I am hoping it is a buffet then I will be able to pretend I have had something to eat and I will be the driver so no alcohol anyway.

Good luck girls. :grouphugg:
Hi Sandra, I see my Mum roughly every 6 weeks-2 months and just got back from a visit last weekend where we had both lost 2 stone in the gap between seeing each other and that was really good!


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Hi Sandra,

I did 10lbs yay!, we're side by side xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
What a brilliant diet, I have just been for my pop in weigh after being on LL for 2 days and I have lost an amazing 9.4lbs. My daughter has also had an amazing loss of 9.6lbs in three days. So we are both over the moon at the moment. Obviously we know that this is not going to continue but it is such a morale boost to start with. Cant wait now for the weekly weigh in.

Well done Sandra, thats brilliant result!



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I'm delighted

I am really delighted, :bliss:I went for my 1 week weigh in last night and I had lost 15.6 lbs in a week. All the diets I have been on all my life I have never had a weight loss like that. Thats one stone down, only another 11 stone to go :eek:

I really enjoyed the class and feel fired with enthusiasm to carry on.

My daughter also had a good week she lost an amazing 12lbs.
That's amazing Sandra - well done to both you and your daughter! It feels really good doesn't it!
Lost another 4lbs but not in ketosis

I am thrilled to bits because I have lost another 4lbs at my pop in weigh this morning but I am not in ketosis. When I went for my first pop in weigh 2 days after I started I was in ketosis but I havent been since. There seems to be a real emphasis but on being in ketosis and I understand that once you are you are burning off your body fat but I am just confused as to why I am not there yet. How long should it take? I have had a great weight loss I have lost 19.5lbs in 10 days so I am over the moon about that but I just thought someone might be able to reassure me over the lack of my ketosis.

With that weight loss I wouldn't worry too much! What comes up a lot on here is that while Ketostix are useful indicators they aren't always that reliable as lots of things can affect your test result. With your phenomenal loss it is likely you are in ketosis it just might not show. As long as the weight is coming off don't worry about the sticks!

Kerrie x

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