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Starting LL today...Day 1

Hello people, Hope you are all well...so its day 1 of the TOTAL Lighterlife for me...I am slightly scared and very excited to have a plan to work to...

This means so much to me and I want to achieve success with this... I have 5 stone to loose and so much to gain...

Possibly a little over positive and I'm sure I will have serious lows over the next 14 weeks...but I am ready and willing to make this happen...

I would love to hear from other first time lighter lifers doing the TOTAL abstinence plan who need to sound off the highs and lows of their journey to body happiness...

Wishing you all well.

Big hugs
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Silver Member
Hey evenstar.

I'm not a newbie, but I am a re-starter after a tough few weeks. So I will be happy to join you on your journey from today if u will have me???
The first three days can be really difficult but remember that next weeks time it will be all so different. You will be amazed by your weightloss.
Hey Evenstar
I am restarting today too - was in two minds to restart now or before my holiday but want to get nearer to my target before a family wedding later this year. So here goes..... good luck..... we will get there!


Silver Member
Are u coming tonight preeti?
Hey Mel - I will be there :)


Gotta Make A Change
Hey ladies good luck to the lot of you
and may this be the start of many things to come :)


Playing the Angel
Hi Evenstar

Good Luck to you :) This is an amazing journey where you will learn so much about yourself, and the end result is a new you:) The first few days are hardest, but hang in there because once you are in ketosis you will be flying!!

Hey Evenstar, I start tomorrow hun, I would love to be your buddy! x