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Starting my new life!! 5 + stone to loose

hiya everyone

I would like to join this board as i need to loose a lot of weight but not tied to any specific diet at the minute!!

I have tried them all over the years and don't know what to do next!!

Loved cambridge results but cant get back into it - too hard!! Thinking of giving it another go.

Would love to hear from you all and how much you have all lost and doing what weight loss plan!!! Feel like i need a quick fix!

I love the gym and go at least 3-4 times a week as well and walk a lot with my dog on a night.

did start weight watchers but I am terrible and find it really hard to stick to a plan, i seem as though i keep thinking i will start tomorrow and it never comes does it. then if i have one thing off plan i cock it all up for the day!

So I am undecided what to do, just trying to keep off what i have already lost at the minute and it's working but i dont know how, but need to shift another 5 stone OMG!!! sounds loads

please talk back.


helen x x
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It's such a difficult question to answer because only you know what works for you.

I did well on Cambridge, then stopped and tried Slimming World and my weight stayed the same for a few weeks, so I am now back on Cambridge as I know it's the only thing that works for me.

You are right though, it is hard.

Have you thought of doing one of the higher plans on Cambridge like 810 or 1000 where you can actually eat food?

I don't want to sound like Cambridge is the only option, but for me it certainly is.


I did try cambridge, but it made me ill so its not realy an option for me.

So I have had to come to terms with the fact that for me it will be a slow process, so last night I joined slimming world and the plan looks great and I feel i can cope ok with it.

For me I have to avoid certain foods " crisps, oh my :eek: " because it kick starts cravings.

Good luck with the choice you make its easier said than done I know :D
Hi there

I've just joined too and started to take my weight loss seriously.

Like you I am not on any specific diet. I have tried them all - Weight Watchers, Atkins, Scottish Slimmers, Slimming world. And Have been a member of 6 gyms (Gulp!) and have now joined another, induction on Saturday. So fingers crossed this time I stick to it.

I've lost 5 stone in the past, and it was all to do with cutting out fatty foods and doing exercise. I had just had my son so was walking with the pram everyday. But as he has got older and didn't need pram and now I can drive, I have put it all back on.

Motivation I think is the key too, so that is why I have joined this. When I hear how others are getting on I feel so positive afterwards. I'm going to do it this time!

I'm fed up being seen as a fat person and thats it! I couldn't believe how much people treated me differantly when I was slim (been big most of my life). To them I was normal and I want that back again so much!
hey helen *waves*
welcome aboard :D

I dunno about cambridge, tbh I can't afford it what with student loans and stuff.
I tried weight-watchers, but my leader was so patronizing that I just quit going.

I guess the biggest thing is motivation - why are you doing this & for whom? it has to be for yourself, because YOU are important.
The second thing I guess, is not to expect too much. If you lose 5lb a week or 1/2 a lb, it's STILL a loss, so don't be disheartened. I know if you're a WeMITT the journey seems never ending, but it WILL. Just pace yourself, focus on the small targets, and reward yourself when you hit them.
If you fall off the wagon, dust yourself off and start again.
Sorry for the essay :p
Hope to see you posting around xx
I've been prescribed xenical by the doctor. Which I'm combining with a reduced calorie, reduced fat diet and going for a 35 min walk 5 to 6 days a week.
Keep a record of everything you eat and drink and see how much you are having. Is there anything you could cut down on or try to do a bit of exercise.

Have a look at how others are losing weight.

Irene xx
Hiya everyone

Well might surprise a few of you here!!! Have surprised myself.

I have been hypnotised last night and hoping this works for me. I have a cd I need to listen to each day if possible for about 30 minutes.

NOt sure which section of the boards I fall into with regards to 'diet' so will probably stick on here.

Going ok so far, only day 1 mind you.

Will keep you all informed.

X x x x

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