Starting new job tomorow ekk


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I all I'm starting my new job tomorrow I'm nervous and excited, me and the hubby moved from Essex to Norfolk six weeks ago and I'm glad to say I got this job really quickly which I'm glad about thing is as soon as I open my mouth I get funny stares cos I don't sound like them I've got a London accent I'm worried it will be the same at my new job or am I just being silly ?

Emz xx
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I moved from Surrey to North Devon and everyone told me I was posh.
Most people were nice, alot seemed to think that as I was near London I spent all my weekends there. (only been 5 times hate it).
Have a great first day, at leadt your accent will break the ice.


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That's great hun! A new home and a new job - how exciting!

Don't worry about having a different accent sweet - work it in your favour - be cheerful and friendly and they will love you.

I'm a Welsh lass and I've lived all over the place! Lincs, London, Germany, Holland and I'm now in Stafford. I would say my accent has helped me to settle in these different places, not hindered.

Good luck in your new job and let us know how you get on!


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Hope your first day went well. I am a Londoner too and have a cockney accent lol! When I lived in Hampshire and went for job interviews I did get a few comments like 'u r not from round here r u?' No Sherlock lol!!!