Starting on 18th


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hi all

I am so so pleased with myself. Im not great at meeting people but although I was very nervous went to my information day, had my medical, day 1 will be the 18th.

I am feeling more positive than I have in years, I am in control, strange feeling, although my sister who is being very supportive (not) did text me to ask what I would be eating on xmas day....grrrrrrrr

Thank to all of you who encouraged me to call the counsellor, no doubt I will be back on the 18 th hungry and irritable.

well done i'm day4 and doing ok ....just cooked the roast for the boys ......and brownies for pud ...whilst i had my mushroom soup............start upping water intake now i'll be watching you from the 19th x
Well done. You won't regret it. I can honestly say that I have never felt hungry or irritable so hopefully you won't either. Good luck and remember there's loads of support here.
Good luck Shona
I am on CD and can honstly say it is the best thing I have done,will not say it has always been an easy ride but a very happy life changing one.
Untill the 18th lower your carbs and up the water as this helps.
Do not stay away till the 18th but keep posting.
Looking forward to hearing about your weight loss journey