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  1. pattipen

    pattipen Full Member

    After a year on herbalife , with the last six months having no weight loss at all, I took the loss of my herbalife distributor as a sign to try something else.

    As as it was available in my local pharmacy together with health and weigh-in support I am trying Optislim.

    So far I have tried a meal replacement bar (blueberry cheesecake) and two shakes. One thing that I found with herbalife was that I struggled to drink enough water, so far with this I have been drinking more.

    I have have mixed the shakes with water (with herbalife I used 1%fat milk) and had normal meals for the other meals, and fruit for snacks. I am keeping track of calories, carbs etc on myfitnesspal. As I understand it I can mix the shakes with milk if I wish and also add yogurt or fruit for variety.

    i have been walking for exercise and will try to increase this. I don't have anyone to exercise with, and don't really fancy exercise classes particularly since I would have to go alone to any.

    I have a one one week trial pack of Optislim shakes to see how I go on.
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  3. pattipen

    pattipen Full Member

    Over the weekend I just had shakes at breakfast, but ate sensibly at other mealtimes. Monday to Friday will be shakes for breakfast and lunch. Salads for tea Monday to Wednesday. Thursday and Friday will be roasted vegetables plus some meat (probably chicken)
    I've tried several of the flavours of shakes so far, strawberry ok, cafe latte ok, French vanilla very nice. Banana not keen. I've still to try the chocolate variety.
    I have also decided to try out gym membership, there is a special offer at the moment, hopefully I will get some advice on the best exercise to help me shift some weight.
  4. pattipen

    pattipen Full Member

    I tried the chocolate shake today. That is another one that I like. I forgot to take my lunchtime shake to work, so I went out at dinner time and picked up another selection of shakes and some meal bars, so I now should have enough to last me for another couple of weeks. I just need to think of some way of improving the taste of the banana shakes left in my original selection.

    nice big plate of salad for tea, & I am feeling quite full, which is good. Before I started having the meal replacement shakes I would have eaten crisps, cake and biscuits with lunch and tea and then toast or biscuits at supper time.
  5. pattipen

    pattipen Full Member

    End of week one and my weight is down one pound. This sounds good but since Christmas my weight had gone up and down week by week, so until it continues going down I won't call this diet a success.

    i've bought myself a new supply of assorted nuts to have as snacks.

    i haven't had a second banana flavoured shake yet, I know I will have to use them. :sign0137: Perhaps try holding my nose when drinking it (don't know if that works).
  6. Sammie137

    Sammie137 Full Member

    Hi, I've just bought a starter pack too! Having it in the morning really hope it's worth the money!
  7. Sammie137

    Sammie137 Full Member

    First shake is cafe latte and the first mouthful was ok but all the rest is difficult but I need to do this I need to lose the weight any help would be appreciated anyone?
  8. Sammie137

    Sammie137 Full Member

    Well this diet may work as I'm not eating anything! Just tried vegetable and it may me heave!
  9. pattipen

    pattipen Full Member

    I am now at the stage where I need to decide whether to buy some more of this. I have been having two shakes, or one shake plus one bar Monday to Friday, and breakfast shakes only at the weekends. Normal meals at other times, but watching what I had at those meals. My weight has remained at around the same level, as it has anyway since Christmas. I have joined the gym and have an exercise programme worked out, so hopefully that will at least help to tone up if not help the weight loss.
    My last shakes from the trial packs are today (one of them is banana. - yuk. ). Tomorrow I go away for a week, so I need to decide if I get some shakes to take for breakfast, or whether to go completely off the shakes diet for time being. I have had breakfast shakes every day for over a year now, previously I skipped breakfast, and was snacking on junk food by elevensies. The herbalife shakes that I was on previously did help me to stop the junk food snacking, and I did lose weight quite well until Christmas.
    i am just worried that stopping the breakfast shakes will be the start of the bad junk snacking again. What do I do to stop this? What could I do for breakfast that is as easy as the shakes - I wouldn't consider having to spend ages concocting and making a breakfast a good idea - I just wouldn't do it.

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