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Starting Over...Lillys Weight Loss Diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by brandnew, 9 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. brandnew

    brandnew New Member

    So its finally time to admit that the eating is out of control again! After doing so well last time (almost 10 stone weight loss) I cannot let it get the best of me again! I currently weigh 12 stone 10. That is the most I have weighed in 3 years, but not of all time. My highest weight was 21 stone!! Never again!

    So, here it goes again! Hopefully with a little support from the boyfriend this time who really does not help when it comes to eating bad food! We eat out alot, we snack alot.....I WEIGH ALOT! Its just unfair. He remains a stick and I get bigger by the day!

    So here goes....for the third time! A commited "weight loss" programme, followed by MAINTENANCE! No letting work get in the way again!

    Current Weight: 12 stone 10
    Goal weight: 10 stone 7

    Current loss: 0lbs
    To lose: 30lbs
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  3. BeeBeeSee

    BeeBeeSee Gold Member

    Hey Lilly, welcome! Wow you start out being an inspiration just by joining!! What a tremendous loss, was that on slimming world as well? I think you are an excellent example, recognizing as things are slipping and putting a stop to it. The amount of times I have lost a certain amount of weight, then stopped and put it all back on is unbelievable, I don't have enough fingers and toes to count them. So I'll follow in your wake :) Good luck xx
  4. brandnew

    brandnew New Member

    Hi BeeBeeSee, thanks for the comment!
    Yes it was through slimming world, I actually lost the weigh incredibly quickly as I was so regimented.

    My weight had always been a problem, as a child I was championship dancer so I was put through ruthless work out regimes up to 6 days of the week. Once I stopped, my attention quickly turned to food and I began to pile on weight. At 18 years old I was 18 stone, 19; 21 stone! Eep!

    I joined slimming world in Jan 2010, by summer I was a new person. I believe this time I can lose that (in comparison) TINY amount of weight needed to lose to get to my target weight! I recommend SW to everyone who is trying to lose weight and so far have seen several of my friends ditch their excess baggage and become new people too :)

    I can see youre doing amazingly well too, good luck with your journey :)

    On a side note-
    Im SO rusty with this slimming world malark! Im doing it online so I dont have my big book bible :(!
    This morning I think we're all good. HeXB (1) with fat free yoghurt for brekkie. Brekkie is the killer meal for me. I want toast with lashing of butter! argh
    Last edited: 10 June 2014
  5. BeeBeeSee

    BeeBeeSee Gold Member

    Oh I so understand the toast situation! I only have bread occasionally, and then untoasted. Because toast needs butter. For me it does anyway. I find having a sizeable breakfast and then not snacking until lunch time really helps me. I tend to have a small selection of various things and end up quite full.

    It's really encouraging to read that you lost so much with SW. It seems a really sustainable way of eating and I feel comfortable with it. I have had a bit of a slip up last week and ended up not only falling off the wagon but running away from it at high speed too :D But all good now, I have made peace with last week, starting fresh again today.

    I know what you mean about having had weight problems for a long time. I don't remember ever being slim. But I was a very active child and although prone to chubbiness it never stopped me. I wish I hadn't started down that route of crash diets when I was young. I started as early as 8 or 9 years old to obsess about my weight and at 12 years old (when I stopped growing believe it or not) I weighed just over 8 stone and thought I was so hideously fat. Well, I'm the same height now and guess what, my weight from back then is now my dream weight.

    Really looking forward to being a normal weight adult for the first time ever :)

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