Starting slimfast today


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Hi Lindsey

welcome to SF! tomorrow will be my two week mark! and i have found its gotten alot easier than when i first started!

as a snack if i fancy something warm i usually have a cuppa soup! there are loads of flavours that are under 100cal.

For dinner i tend to have ready meals as the cals are counted for you - i have the healthy range. i.e tesco lighter choices, weight watchers etc

BUT i find the biggest tip is to stay on here! all the girlies on here are lovely and its a great support network. there are a few posts with regular weigh ins where we update our weights when we weigh in so this is good support too!

keep us updated! xxx

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Hi i am on my second week of slim fast with a weekend off I have to admit i struggle not to snack over the recommended three 100 calorie snacks, it is my fault however as i have them all in one go in the form of belvita biscuits, its just about keeping busy as i am at home all the time studying!


Yes I work from home and yes 1st week was so hard but I think the longer you are on it your body must adjust. Well it is a sun with snow on the ground so I will cook a sun dinner without the fat and plenty of vegetables, will look at the weigh in posts. thanks x Lindsey.


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Hi and welcome :)

Keep us posted with how you do and any questions, just ask!


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Hi Lindsey,

i must admit the first few days/first week i found hard, i was quite hungry too and struggled with the snacking. But now im on my 4th week and im fine, my 600cal meal actually fills me up so much that i almost cant finish it now!! (never used to happen lol) so i promise it does get easier.

Best tip - get stocked up on some Hartley's fat free, sugar free under 10cal jellies! i know tesco have them as 4 for £2 at the moment and they are seriously lush!! Raspberry and Cranberry, Mango and Passionfruit are my favs!!

anyways keep us posted.

Em x x x