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Starting soon....


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Hi guys, I'm vicky from Nottingham and I've currently been on lipotrim,went really well last year and lost over 8 stone! Went from a size 26 to a 12. Put most of it back on in 7 months :0(
started lipotrim again and lost alittle again but decided it's not for me.. It's not changing my problem with food it's just pushing it to one side till I get to eat again so I go mad eating as I've missed it soooo much.
So I'm joining slimming world on Friday. Did join around 4 years ago and lost 2 stone then I stopped going to meetings.
I feel like it's now or never....I've spent a good part of 16 years fighting with diets and now I'm sick of it.....this needs to work for me this time.
Been shopping last night to buy lots of heathy food till I start sw so really I'm doing my own diet till Friday and I get the books and plans.
Wish me luck guys xxxx
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Good luck

There are some people on here with FAB losses so that will spur you on, and sw really is such a good life choice

Good luck


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arr hun, well done and best of luck! let me know if you need any help with food/syn values etc til you get your books. I could have written your post myself,except i did lighterlife, put most of it back on! so im in it for the long haul with sw now! Even if it takes me two years to get to goal xx


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Yay - REAL food and loosing weight!! You're going to enjoy this!!

Best of luck - but you won't need luck, honestly!



Slimming for my children
yep i did lighterlife and cambridge! They are hell on earth arent they? I started off at the beginning of ll at 14 stone and then after i binged i ended up finishing at 17. then had a baby and ended up at 20 stone.
Lost the baby fat and started sw at 18 stone 13 and 6 weeks later i am 17 stone 9. so it can be done!



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Thanks for the warm welcome, just been and brought the sw mag to have a read at work.
Thanks and good luck to all you too

Hiya! I've just started as well - my first class was on Monday - I'm sure you'll find it a bit of a shock as I did at just how much you can eat! I was surprised when I actually started the plan properly!

Good luck! You'll be fine!


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Good luck. SW is real food for real, sustainable losses, and then hopefully you can stay on it (more or less) for a life long maintenance.

That's the plan anyway :D
I'm joining tonight so if you need a buddy give me a shout. I am sure i have at least 8 stone to lose plus i am getting married in a year so that is a big incentive!!



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Iwillbeslim84....I'm getting married too next year,not booked yet but hoping for may/June in Cornwall,a very small wedding though.
Feel free to message me anytime as i have my iPhone (best thing invented lol) so i can check regularly.
Ive decided to go to tomorrows meeting.Only leaves me 30min to get there from work which is pushing it but I'm sure ill be fine.

Anyone who wants to add me on face book feel free I'm always on there too...Vicky West (Nottingham) got longer hair than in this pic and a grey cardigan on :0)

Hi Vicky

I think i have added you on facebook! I'm sara Ottley. I joined tonight and have a hell of a lot to lose. First target is a friends wedding in August so would like to get a nice dress for that.

Congrats on your wedding :)

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