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Starting SW tomorrow Newbie so might sound daft.......

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Hello Everyone!

Ive just got my SW pack through with all my books etc and have been reading through etc...

I think i get the idea of what its all about it just seems quite difficult to get my head around "free foods" Hex a's and b's" and syns etc, im used to doing WW which is all points etc which I found easy but I dont think WW promotes healthy eating as well as SW does, that might sound daft to some but on WW eating whatever I like aslong as being in my points doesnt really help motivate when i could spend my whole daily allowance on crap... Previous to this i lost 2 stone on cambridge but this was sooo anti-social and expensiv to say the least and I dont think i could do it again.. So here i am!

Anyways...... Just a few questions......

Im thinking of starting out on the green option... the only worry i have is surely eating that many carbs such as free foods like pasta and rice and not much meat would just make me balloon? being realistic does anyone have any guidance as to portions of pasta rice etc that works for them??

and also looking at what i was thinking of eating does this seem a bit too much....

thinking baked beans on 2 slices of WW brown bread for breakfast (i believe thats using some healthy extras for the bread?)

Some plain cooked pasta with brocolli and tomatoes and sweetcorn for lunch

Fruit for snacks such as apples & oranges

Grilled chicken and jacket potatoe with mixed veg for dinner...

I dont think this is using many syns but i dont know what to add in ?

any advice?
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I ♥ Slimming World :)
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Hiya, and welcome to SW - where have you been? lol

I agree with everything you said in your post, I am ex-WW as are many here.

As for green days, I have done nothing but green days for the almost 5 weeks that I have been on SW and I haven't had a problem losing some weight every week.

Your food plan looks great, but I don't see any Healthy Extra A (HEa) choices? Maybe I just missed them. You MUST use both HEb's every day, and you MUST have one or two HEa's every day too.

Other than that, just have as much free food as you can/want, and use between 5 and 15 syns too!

You will probably have never eaten so much in your life, I still can't believe this is actually a diet haha.

As for using your syns, it is personal preference.

For me, I use as many as I need/want with my lunch and/or dinner, and top it up if necessary with either an Alpen light chocolate & fudge bar (3 syns) or maybe a HiFi bar (6 syns, from SW meeting). Skips aren't too bad either at 4.5 syns.

If you look through the diaries in the sticky section (link to mine in my signature), you'll get an idea of the kind of things people eat every day and maybe you'll get some inspiration.

All the best :)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Laddiesboy has said it all there really Hun.
One thing I would advise is this: this plan is completely different to WW and you should try and get out of the "I couldnt eat this much", or "does this really work?" way of thinking.
I have done both SW and WW and prefer SW any day!
Good luck with your journey and dont forget to add the HeA (be it cheese or milk) and 1 more HeB.
Keep a diary to Hun, it really will help you.
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hey hun bar the missings HEA's its all fine, but my god your boring with your food! LOL Plain pasta with brocolie, sweetcorn and tomatoes.. i'd be super bored!!

why not buy some passata, chop up some onions and peppers, maybe use a HEB and chuck some bacon in there? top with some cheese HEA. That sounds much more yum doesnt it?? LOL

you eat as much as you feel best. if its free it IS unlimited.. the more super free/ free foods you eat, the better for you and your weight loss.

Make sure you use your syns aswell. this could be anything, from sauces, to chocolate, to a glass of wine.. what ever is your thing.

Personally i love a small bag of choc buttons for 4 syns.:p xxx


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I think everyone has more or less covered everything, just wanted to say hi and welcome from another ex ww! (I always ran out of points by lunchtime)

x Alex x

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hi there,
i'm my friend's cheif bridesmaid in 12 weeks so I became a SW re-join last thursday.
am currently living on green days, pasta, jpots, etc as life is a bit hectic at the moment.
good luck amanda, I have about a stone to lose - do you want to keep each other updated??

S: 10st13lb C: 10st9lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st4lb(2.61%)
Hiya guys thanks for the above posts very helpful :D

I have tones of tomatoe based pasta sauces i just dont know how to work out what syns they would be or if sauces have syns ??? Im going to try make things more exciting its just hard to get my head round and id rather be a bit plain with food till i know what i can add etc. Is there any stickies/threads on here that give syn amounts? The book has some in but doesnt seem to cover everyday stuff that id use! lol


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If u have access to SW online, u can check your syns out there, they also have a syn calculator, you can also buy a book which as syns for almost everythign u can think of, its £7.50 from your class ( not sure if you attend a class tho) there is a syn section on here to, so if there's something your unsure of, you could do a search in that thread, and if u cant find it, you can always ask and someone will be happy to look it up and help if they can.
Good luck!!
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Are you a optimising member. You can use lifeline online if so, and syns for everything are on there. Otherwise there is the directory to buy, or for now, post them on the syns section. Evryone has been really patient with me on there til i actually joined and got the lifeline online membership.

Good luck


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