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Starting The Slimming World Journey At Home

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by amiee-x-rose, 16 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. amiee-x-rose

    amiee-x-rose Member

    Hi Everyone

    i am new to this site and am just about to restart my Slimming World journey but at home this time as can't make classes all the time and to be honest I would rather try and save the £5 in a pot when I have the money. I was wandering if anyone else does this at home at all? And if there is any advice at all ? :)

    Any help would be muchappreciated

    Thank You
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  3. slimminglizard

    slimminglizard Full Member

    Lots of people on here are home slimmers as well!
    Main tip would be to tell people you are slimming. That way you will be conscious of how you are eating and also will have the support.

    I told my close friends that I am doing SW and now when we meet up each week for lunch they all support me in my choices and also are on hand for a few nice compliments :)
  4. Arraius

    Arraius Member

    Hey Aimee
    Best of luck with your new journey :)
    I did really well with SW a few years back. I have since had a little one who has just turned 2.
    Despite losing almost 2 stone since having him, I have spent the past few months on a bender eating terribly bad foods and have fallen off of the wagon spectacularly...
    I still need to lose a stone so here I am starting SW from home and hoping to lose :)
    Excited and nervous
    Good luck xx
  5. MaccaMarsh

    MaccaMarsh Full Member

  6. NotsofattyPatty

    NotsofattyPatty Gold Member

    Hello. Welcome on board and good luck with your journey. There are many people doing it from home - I'm just one. (Started off with on-line membership and then carried on by myself with help from people on this forum).

    There's a whole stickie here http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world/243438-doing-sw-home.html for doing-it-at-homers and if you have a nosy around the diaries I'm sure you'll find others. Start your own diary - you'll soon get some friends to support you on your journey.
  7. amiee-x-rose

    amiee-x-rose Member

    Awww brilliant! Thanks for your advice guys :) I got weighed last night and made lunch ready to start today so I've kicked my morning off right :) I've been to groups before but as I go on my own I've never felt 100% comfortable so would be nice to make friends on here and hopefully have a good support network how I can support and vice versa good luck on your journeys too :) I'm sure you will all do fab! :) I'm excited for my first week back on this :)
  8. MaccaMarsh

    MaccaMarsh Full Member

    Good luck with your first week hun, looking forward to hearing how well it's going!
  9. amiee-x-rose

    amiee-x-rose Member

    Thank you everyone I hope your weeks are going well so far :) day two and I'm craving chocolate but I'm not giving in x

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