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Starting to enjoy this :-P


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Hi guys,

Sorry I havent been on in ages. I had a couple of things to sort out before I could concentrate properly. Went for a WI last night and I sts! Was really happy.

Starting off with a week 1 again for a fresh start!

Ill have to have a read now to catch up. Have we any challenges going?
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Thanks girls. I really hope I can stay focussed this time. I went a bit haywire after my OH's mam died and then I was in Spain last week booking my wedding. I just said NO I cant be a big blob on my wedding day so here we go again!

Today I had 2 weetabix and skinny milk and an apple so far and god Im hungry :rolleyes:
Hi Louise

When are you getting married? It's so exciting isn't it. I've got just over 7 months until our wedding, so really need to seriously do something about my weight now.

Keep in touch

welcome back hun and good luck!
Your have something lovely to look forward to , im sure you'll do just great!
any help or advice just ask


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Guys can anyone help? This is my menu for the day but Ive 23 points:

2 weetabix 2pts
Milk (half pint) 1pt
Apple 0.5

Tuna 1pt
Salad of lettuce, onion and peppers 0pts
LF Mayo 2spoons 2pts
Fruit salad from marks and sparks 2pts

WW blueberry bar 1.5pts

Steak 5pts
Mash potato 2 scoops 2pts
Brocolli 0

Total points for today: 23
Total points used:17
Left: 6pts

Im going to the gym too....sometimes its hard to use up the points and Im afriad to have treats!

Should I be doing something else?


Let's attack this fat!
Have a pudding! Maybe not after tea but later in the evening.

Or Supper?

I love CRUMPETS with flora light for supper with a milky coffee (4 pts for crumpets with 2tsp of flora light & milk from 1 pint skimmed milk allowance)

Or if you prefer to use points earlier in the day - try a banana on your weetabix? x

Either way your doing great & have plenty of time to 'slim' for the wedding x

Your menu looks nice, but i would have a few more treats.
somethin sweet and satisfying .
I normally have some pink and whites for only half a point each or a curly wurly or fudge for 2.5 points.
Thanks for all your suggestions yesterday. I ended up having 2 pink and whites! Forgot all about them!

Having another good day today! I went for a really long walk last night instead of going to the gym because the weather was soo good. I feel more focussed than I have done in a long time. Maybe because the wedding is booked now?? I dont know. Our wedding is on the 09th September 09 so I have a long time to get myself sorted. My friends wedding is in Spain in September this year so thats my first goal.

Today I had:

Porridge (made with water) 1.5pts
Milk for the day (1/2 pint) 1pt

Banana 1.5pts

Egg salad including mayo 3.5
A little spoonful of pasta salad?? 2pts

WW blueberry bar 1.5pts

Not too sure yet!

Points used so far 11
Hi Louise,
Gald to see you've got your 'mojo' back.
I have been terrible for ages..months but restarted WW 7 weeks ago and am feeling really determined this time.
Your menus look great to me.
L x
Well.... last night I had a crunchie as a treat but then I had 2 pieces of brown bread and jam too..... uh oh.... went over by 1.5 yesterday but had saved 4 from the previous night so its probably ok :confused:. Feeling fine today....not gonna let the little slip get to me like a I normally would. Unusual for me because Id normally eat and eat today because Id be beating myself up about cheating! But no :D Im in this for the long haul now!

Im after typing up my menu for the day and it seems like so much food but I still have points to spare! Its funny because Id be embarrassed to show anyone this menu because theres so much on it....god knows what I used to be like!

2 weetabix 2pts
low fat milk (no skimmed) 2pts

Apple 0.5pts

Philadelphia light 30g 1pt
Salad 0pts
2 slices of turkey 2pts

2 rich tea light 1pt
Small Banana 1pt

Chicken fillet 2.5pts
Noodles 3.5pts
Veg 0
Oyster sauce 1pt

Popcorn 2.5pts
Pink and White 0.5pts

Total allowed: 23
Total used: 19.5
Total saved: 3.5

Im going on a walk too!

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