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Starting to feel it!


Not evil at all
Morning everyone... thought I would share this as I'm quite chuffed!

Although I've only lost 7lbs since joining a class in April, I can really feel a difference. I've lost 4 inches around my waist, and I didn't realise how much this was until I put the measuring tape back up to 58" around my waist, there was such a gap between me and the tape! Another difference is that the size 26 jeans I wear to work no longer roll down over my belly whenever I sit down - they stay put! And at the weekend I bought a pair of size 24 denim 3/4 lengths from Evans - they fit and are comfy enough to wear, but are still a bit tight I admit, still it really showed me that the plan is working even if it is really slow for me :)
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:happy096: EvilPenguin...
Its great when you start to notice the differences isn't it!!!
Oh -and you need to remove The "only" from -"I have only lost 7lbs" ... what you mean is.."I have lost 7lbs" ;)
keep up the great work...

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Well done Hun!

This is why I always say take your measurements as well as your weight. Even if the weight doesnt come off as quick as you may like, you can see the loss and change of shape in the tape measure!



Not evil at all
Measuring gives you such a visual realisation of how much you've lost too, because you can do what I done and hold the tape back out at what you started at. 4" doesn't seem much but when you see it, it's like "wow was I really this big?" now everytime I see myself in the mirror I can see the difference too, don't know if the measuring thing helped me notice it? But I can see the loss in my face and waist more now :)


Now to maintain.....
fab!!! amazing when you start to notice and feel the changes isnt it!!
well done x


Addicted to Minimins!
Well done hun - thats fab!!! This is why we can't always count on the numbers on the scales, inches can be lost even when the scales stay the same! Get those measuring tapes out ladeez!! xx


Not evil at all
I never actually noticed the loss until I done the thing with the measuring tape - since then I can really feel it! Get measuring yourself, I do my measurements weekly but to be honest monthly is probably better.


Not evil at all
Wow that's amazing! I didn't measure at the beginning, but did measure about half a stone ago, so may get measuring again.
Thanks for sharing, you must be over the moon to see those physical inches coming off!!

I am chuffed! They were slow at first but once I started going to the gym regularly they came off much quicker :D would say that I lost 1 inch a fortnight - which is good to me because I stuck at 58" for weeks and weeks before I got to 57.. 56.. and so on :)

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