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Starting to feel really scared!


Slowly but surely!
Hi All

I start my refeed tomorrow and am so nervous, my loss means a lot to me as I am now a 14 big for some but my dream size as I have been a 22/24 most of my life, and im so scared about eating again. I have more to loose but need to tone up so loosing last bit on WW which I start after my holiday. I have a few questions for the experts and have planned my menu for day 1-5 below, please can you take a look and let me know if I looks ok? :) x

Q - What day can we have eggs? I love tuna and egg salad lol

Q2 - What day can we have a small amount of alchohol? I am on a night out on day 5, would 1 or 2 do lots of damage?

B - LT Shake
L - LT Shake
D - Chicken Breast with Small Salad

B - LT Shake
L - Small Tin of Tuna with Salad
D - Chicken Breast with 2 Spoons of Green Veg

B - LT Shake
L - As Tuesday but with fromage frais on Tuna
D - Chicken Breast, 8oz Jacket with fromage frais and chives, 2 Spoons of Veg

B - LT Shake
L - Seeded Bagel with Cheese Triangle (Low Fat) and Salad
S - Apple
D - Chicken breast, new potatoes & Veg
S - Low Fat WW Yougart

B - LT Shake
L - As Thursday
S - Grapes
D - Low Fat Spag bol (can eat with kids again woo hoo)
S - Low Fat WW Yougart

Does this sound ok, going to get my bits in morning x
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Its natural to feel scared Em, we have all been worried, after being on TFR and all the fear removed from what we eat, it is such a big change to our lives to have to make decisions on what we eat, but by following the refeed, the chance of doing any damage is virtually nil.
Congratulations on your size 14 hun, thats great and if you are comfortable and happy, thats the main thing.
Eggs I would wait until about day 4 to be honest and as far as alcohol goes, as long as you are out of ketosis, it will be okay to have a drink. Once you start eating potatoes on day (3?) or 4 (I cant remember) you should be well out of ketosis, so a little drink will be fine, but a word of warning, just be very very careful, the alcohol will affect you so much quicker than it used to.
This seems to still affect me quicker than it used to, so I think it must be because of the smaller bodies too lol.
Enjoy yourself and enjoy your food tomorrow - you will be amazed.


I will be skinny again!!!
Yup I agree with Kered

Alcohol - I waited a week for

And personnaly with the eggs I would wait til after you have done atleast two weeks of refeed.. as the strict refeed plan doesnt state eggs

But its up to you :) xx


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how come eggs arnt allowed?!


Slowly but surely!
I asked LT today and eggs are allowed from the start :)


I will be skinny again!!!
omg! no way!

I was craving a boiled egg the whole way through LT and because the refeed didnt say eggs I didnt have any!!! grrrrr lol


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Thats good to know - I also waited a while and I love eggs. Having said that, I think I have only had 2 or 3 max since being back on food and thats 6 weeks!
:woohoo: Eggs from day 1 .......I'm SOOOOO pleased!!!!

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