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Starting to get jealous...


has started again!!
So many of you are nearing the end of the rainbow, and the pot of gold that is managment and beyond is yours now. That is so fantastic & I applaud you all, really I do.

Why am I starting to feel so green eyed and jealous now? I am beginning to think my personal route will never end. I started with 10 stone to lose, of which I am truly ashamed; now I have a little over 3 left to go, so that is another whole foundation. Development is sooooo tough, and nothing like the support is there for those of us really in it for the long haul.

Sorry chaps, just a bit blue tonight I guess.
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All I see is someone who has lost over 100 pounds and is an inspiration to anyone just setting out on the journey!

You are so close to finishing what you started, time to just focus on the finish line and smile your way there.

Go for it

Sez - come pop over to the Developers thread...you really are not alone :D
Your weight loss is INCREDIBLE. Your journey has been INCREDIBLE. Your posts have kept me going through many a blue day.
Hope the blues are lifting a little x x x


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Look at how far you have come not at how far you have to go. You have done incredibly well and have inspired so many along the way.

Sorry to hear you sounding blue, but feel free to have a good old rant if you like! We'll all be here to listen and hopefully cheer you up and put you back in a happy place:D


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Sez! 40lbs to go - it's nothing! Time will pass - it's time that would have passed if you do LL or not! If you buckle down and stick with it for 100 more days more like 12 weeks if you really work hard - you'll have progressed enough through management to have turkey and (most of) the trimmings on Christmas Day! Go, Sez! Go! It's hardly any time at all ago that I was in the 80kgs...I work my first bikini when I got into the 70s in May...and look at me 3 months later! I've almost disappeared!

On a less happy clappy note. You know you believe in yourself - you are 3/4 of the way there - 75%. Remember when you had only achieved 10% of your target - you kept going for the next 25% then...

2007 is the official YEAR OF THE SARAH - and don't you forget it, madam!


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Wow, very imspirational Cerulean. 40lb sounds so much better than 3stone or 12 weeks! I will go off and chant it to myself for bit! I have been trying to think of the end of my LL journey as being like the beginning 12 weeks, have failed miserably so far but your post is giving me hope!

Unfortunately my name isn't Sarah:(
Aww just found this! Hugs fr you as I can understand how you feel, especially now that I want to loose 2 stone but am going the WW route as just stopped loosing weight! At least you can carry on the LL route (sure feels a bit unsafe & wobbly here in food land!) and will be there way before me!! You can do this ad lets all remember this is OUR year!! You dont have to be a Sarah to get there! Hope you're feeling better Sez..


has started again!!
Thanks everyone!! I think my blue mood was just because I had had my WI, and the expected post hols gain. Not too horrific as I managed to get back to SS-ing pre my group, and limited the "book" damage to 2.8lbs. I think it was just seeing an "up" in the book for the first time, even though I expected it.

I will try to think of 40lbs rather than in terms of weeks etc as that seem a bit less to me. Its all mind games isnt it!!

As for the yeat of the Sarah, yes, I LIKE that idea, but lets call the YEAR OF THE MINIS!!!!! We are all fantastic people, and doing for ourselves!!!!

You're not alone. I have 5-6 stone to go depending on where I finish. I have also been feeling a bit abandoned because all my buddies are at or nearing the finish line. Even the friend at work who started LL because of me will finish before me!

But there is nothing for it but to keep going...
I know exactly how you feel. I will still have 6st to loose when i finish foundation and will be the only one from my class going to development. I am so happy for the others but really wish i was near goal too.
Hi sez

Just wanted to show some solidarity. I am last person in my original group to make it to management. Currently I have 33lb or so to go and I have also been on a major downer about it the past few days (doesn't help that I am having an inexplicable dip in weight losses despite working out every night on my treadmill). I also have been feeling very rebellious child about everyone on here that has moved on to RtM. Pouting to myself that "It isn't fair" and "I will never get there".
But like many have said - the time between now and Christmas will pass whether I am good or not and the only solution is to plod on regardless and trust that with efvery day that passes, I am that little bit closer to my dream. Afterall... I have been "waiting" to become slim for 10 years now - what is a few more months in the long run ?

Good luck and plod on - also, perhaps it is time for a nice non-food related treat - to bolster your stroke bank a little. I plan on going on a small shopping splurge this week (don't you just love payday) just to say thank you to myself for getting this far and not giving up.

Take care Sez
We can do it for sure with some patience



has started again!!
Its so true, time will pass whether in abstinence or not. The only difference will be that if we hang in there, by the end of "our" time we will be where we want to be, and hopefully not regretful that we didnt take the right path for us!

I had a bit of a "Moment" in B&Q this afternoon. We went off to investigate new bathrooms, kitchens etc and left our son at home and our daughter with MIL. When we called her from the B&Q coffe shop, she annunced "I want to sleep at Nanny's tonight!" So with Jake being old enough to not need a sitter, OH said lets go out then, we never get to do that!

I burst into tears and said "what for? Dinner? Drink (of water)??" Whats the point? Nothing on at the pictures I want to see either.

Oh, I really was that petulant child!! Still, came home and had my lemon biscuits & lots of RedBush, feeling bit better now. At least that child DID NOT win!!
Hi there
I`m right behind you, you can carry on and do this.
You have done amazingly well so far and your loss is inspiring x x x

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